Web based server manager for Arma
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Arma Server Admin

Build Status

A simple to use web admin panel for Arma servers.



  • Create multiple instances of game servers in the same admin panel
  • See server status queryed from the instances with current mission and players
  • Download game logs
  • Upload missions from your local computer and from Steam Workshop to the server
  • Download and update mods from withSIX


Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Linux with Windows binary using Wine

Supported Games

  • arma1
  • arma2
  • arma2oa
  • arma3
  • arma3_x64 (does not support linux)
  • cwa (does not support linux)
  • ofp
  • ofpresistance


Key Description
bunyanConfig (optional) add config for named bunyan loggers
game Which game server to launch, see above
path Folder path to game server
port Web port to use
host IP or Hostname to listen on
type Which kind of server to use, can be 'linux', 'windows' or 'wine'
parameters Extra startup parameters added to servers and headless clients
serverMods Mods that always and only will be used by the game servers
auth If both username and password is set, HTTP Basic Auth will be used
prefix Text prepended to all game servers name
suffix Text appended to all game servers name

How to Use

  1. Copy config.js.example to config.js

  2. Change values in config.js as described above or in the file

  3. Install all dependencies with npm install

  4. Launch the web UI with npm start or install as a Windows Service with npm run install-windows-service

NOTE: Log output defaults to a stream of JSON lines. For pretty output, use npm start | node_modules/.bin/bunyan

System Configuration


Make sure to disable Windows Error Reporting or server control will be stuck on a server crash.

Install as a Windows Service with npm run install-windows-service.

Remove previously installed Windows Service with npm run uninstall-windows-service.


Make sure to disable Wine GUI Crash Dialog or server control will be stuck on a server crash. This is easiest solved using winetricks by running winetricks nocrashdialog. It can also be disabled manually. Read more at Wine FAQ.