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An implementation of Lindenmayer system with the Anubis language which generate iteratively images of L-system by interpreting constants as Logo-like commands.

An L-system consists of an alphabet of symbols that can be used to make strings, a collection of production rules that expand each symbol into some larger string of symbols, an initial "axiom" string from which to begin construction, and a mechanism for translating the generated strings into geometric structures. L-systems were introduced and developed in 1968 by Aristid Lindenmayer, a Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist at the University of Utrecht. Lindenmayer used L-systems to describe the behaviour of plant cells and to model the growth processes of plant development. L-systems have also been used to model the morphology of a variety of organisms[1] and can be used to generate self-similar fractals such as iterated function systems.

Arguments example with default value:

  • Number of iterations: -i:3
  • Move step (pixels unit): -s:10
  • Angle in degree: -a:70
  • Draw start X: -start_x:0
  • Draw start Y: -start_y:0
  • Draw start angle in degree: -start_angle:0
  • Draw opacity: -opacity:255
  • Axiom: -axiom:"F"
  • Rules: -rule:""
  • Draw color: -r:0 -g:255 -b:0

Some common rules:

anbexec lsystem -s:4 -a:25 -start_x:200 -start_y:600 -start_angle:-75 -i:5 -opacity:192 -axiom:"X" -rule:"X=F-[[X]+X]+F[+FX]-X" -rule:"F=FF" L-system plant

anbexec lsystem -s:8 -a:90 -start_x:400 -start_y:300 -start_angle:270 -opacity:192 -i:10 -axiom:FX -rule:"X=X+YF+" -rule:"Y=-FX-Y" Dragon Curve

anbexec lsystem -s:8 -a:120 -start_x:400 -start_y:300 -start_angle:120 -i:5 -axiom:"F-G-G" -rule:"F=F-G+F+G-F" -rule:"G=GG" Sierpinski

anbexec lsystem -s:8 -a:60 -start_x:400 -start_y:300 -start_angle:60 -i:5 -axiom:"F" -rule:"F=+G-F-G+" -rule:"G=-F+G+F-" Sierpinski Arrowhead

Note: This program show some problems relative to the Float implementation and drawing with opacity within the Anubis VM as demonstrated by the rendered animations above.


Anubis language Lindenmayer system implementation




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