Tool to convert 16 colors images files (PNG/GIF/PPM/PGM) to a format suitable for inclusion in Sega Master System programs.
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this tool was only tested with TCL 8.6.*

basically a 'clone' of bmp2tile made by Maxim rewrote it for fun and because i am not using Windows right now, i also needed extra-features

its purpose is to convert 16 colors images files (PNG/GIF/PPM/PGM) to a format suitable for inclusion in Sega Master System programs (written with wla-dx but other tools may work as well)

there is some things differing from bmp2tile:

  • the program target/focus system is the Sega Master System altough Game Gear could be supported easily
  • the program perform 'smart' colours conversion if your image has colours which does not match the SMS palette
  • indexed images are loaded as normal images (the palette is ignored), a palette is instead automatically generated
  • it load a complete directory instead of loading only one file, there is ongoing support to save all files in one go
  • some features are half implemented right now like 8x16 mode and tile mirroring

then there is some features:

  • palette index picker (click somewhere on the image)
  • palette editor (double click on a palette color square or drag around a color square to organize the palette)

if the package TkImg is found then these additional images format will be supported: BMP/JPEG/PCX/XPM/TGA

this program also support compression plugins made for bmp2tile, this feature require the Ffidl Tcl package

Note for .bmp images: The image should not include colour space information (see BMP export compatibility options for GIMP) otherwise the image will fail to load.

this is a first try at TCL, an interesting programming language with great libraries


tclsh8.6 bmp2sms.tcl


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Alt text

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