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fast lexical analyser

Fast lexical analyser done for fun, this take a JSON lexical grammar as input, produce a finite state automaton data structure which can be used to do fast lexical analysis of a string input.

The original goal was to do the simplest & fastest lexical analyser.

The JSON lexical grammar is made of a "token" array containing a list of tokens and a "syntax" object containing regular expression rules with associated token identifier (the position of the token in the "token" array), rules can contain sub-rules.

You can find grammar examples for C and Pure Basic in the "json" folder.

The demo let you load the examples and/or change source-code/grammar and see the complete ouput of the lexer along with benchmarking result.

The REGEX system is custom and does not use any libraries.

How to use :

var lexer = new JSB.Lexer(json_lexical_grammar); // build the finite state automaton

var result = lexer.perform(string_to_analyse); // use it

result will contain an array of lexeme objects which will contain value, token, line, column properties

All the lexer code is contained in the lexer.js file.


Do what you want.