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=> README in Japanese

GS2 Sample Project for Unity

This is a sample project for Game Server Services ( for Unity.
This is a sample implementation using various GS2 functions for a rough flow in a game.

Operating Environment

Unity 2020.3.48f1 LTS

GS2 C# SDK 2023.8.18
GS2 SDK for Unity 2023.8.19


  • The manifest.json and packages-lock.json files included in the sample contain the
    In addition to the SDK for GS2, it includes a description of the packages required to run on Unity 2020.3.
    If you open the project with a Unity version other than the above, you will get
    An error may occur and the package version may need to be changed.
    In that case, you can install the verified version in the package manager to make it work.

  • The Japanese font for TextMeshPro has been changed to
    Noto Sans Japanese" (
    is used.
    Licensed under SIL Open Font License 1.1 ( )

Explanation by function

How to operate each function independently and details of each function are explained individually in the following pages.

Prepare to start

This section deals with the preparations before playing the game on the Unity Editor with the Play button.

Open the project in Unity

Open gs2io/gs2-sample-project as a project in Unity.
The Unity Package Manager will download the packages needed to resolve dependencies.
GS2 SDK for Unity and GS2 C# SDK will be downloaded and installed.

Open the Assets/Scenes/SampleGameScene_en.unity scene.

TextMeshPro is used for drawing Text.
When the scene is opened, the "TMP Importer" window will appear.
Please click "Import TMP Essentials" to import TMP Essentials.

Initialize using GS2-Deploy

Use the Deploy function in the Management Console to create a stack, and
Prepare the resources necessary for the sample to work.

Create a stack with the following files in the Templates folder

Required Templates

Template file Function to be set up
initialize_credential_template.yaml initialize credential GS2
initialize_account_template.yaml login/account linkage and transfer
initialize_distributor_template.yaml GS2-Distributor GS2-JobQueue setting

Template required for each function to work

Template file Function to be set up
initialize_stamina_template.yaml Stamina/Stamina Store
initialize_money_template.yaml billing currency/ billing currency store
initialize_gold_template.yaml gold
initialize_inventory_template.yaml inventory
initialize_experience_template.yaml Experience
Template file Function to be set
initialize_quest_template.yaml Quest
initialize_lottery_template.yaml Lottery
initialize_unit_template.yaml Inventory for lottery items *Necessary for the operation of the lottery function
Template file Function to be set
initialize_chat_template.yaml Chat
initialize_friend_template.yaml Friend function
Template files Functions to set up
initialize_realtime_template.yaml matchmaking/realtime competition
Template file Function to be set
initialize_news_template.yaml News Created when using the GS2-News notification function.
Template file Function to be set up
initialize_version_template.yaml Check app version and terms of use Created when using the GS2-Version version check function

If you wait a while and all stacks are in CREATE_COMPLETE, the server side configuration is complete.

Enabling and importing Unity IAP

Unity IAP must be enabled for the sample to work with GS2-Money.
( )
Enable In-App Purchasing in the Services window, and
Import the IAP package.


Select the Gs2Settings object in the Hierarchy window.

In the inspector window, register the information of the resource created by GS2-Deploy.
Fill in the following bolded fields, which are blank when downloaded
Copy and paste the necessary information from the "output" of each stack.


Script File Setting Name Description
CredentialSetting Application Client Id Credential to access GS2 (Client ID)
CredentialSetting Application Client Secret Credential to access GS2 (Client Secret)
CredentialSetting distributorNamespaceName Namespace name of the GS2-Distributor that will process the stamp sheet

*From the Output List tab of the stack created by the initialize_credential_template.yaml template,
Paste the value printed on the right side of the Output Name ApplicationClientId field to Application Client Id.
Paste the value printed on the right side of the Output Name ApplicationClientSecret field to Application Client Secret.


Script file Configuration name Description
LoginSetting Account Namespace Name Namespace name of GS2-Account
LoginSetting Account Encryption Key Id The encryption key GRN of the GS2-Key used to encrypt account information in GS2-Account
LoginSetting Gateway Namespace Name Namespace name of GS2-Gateway

*From the Output List tab of the stack created by the initialize_account_template.yaml template,
Paste the value printed on the right side of the Output Name AccountEncryptionKeyId field into the Account Encryption Key Id.

Enable version check functionality

By default, the app version check and Terms of Use check functions are disabled after "app launch". To enable it, uncheck each of the following in the GameManager → GameManager component of the hierarchy


Once configured, you are ready to launch on Unity.

Sample flow


When the sample is launched, the App Launch button will be enabled.
Tapping Appli Launch will initialize the GS2 SDK (GS2-Identifier), the
If enabled, the app version check, user confirmation of terms of use, and
(GS2-Version), and Performs login with an account.
When launched for the first time, an anonymous account is automatically created.

=> Account creation and login Explanation
=> Version check Explanation


After login is completed, the user is taken to the title screen.
You can invoke the account linking function.
You can add an email address or
Game Center/Google Play Game Service accounts available on each platform and
The following is a sample of the functionality that enables a transfer to be performed. (GS2-Account) Open WebView with Notices. Display the contents of the notice.

=> Account takeover explanation
=> News Go to explanation

Tap Tap to Start to go into the game.
You can access the Player, Game Cycle, Community, and Competitive tabs.

Player Status

The level and experience are displayed in the upper left corner.


The Stamina, Currency Charged, and Gold are displayed in the upper right corner.
(GS2-Stamina, GS2-Money, GS2-Inventory)

Player Tab


Stamina consumption - Stamina is reduced and recovered in a certain time. (GS2-Stamina)

=> Stamina/Stamina Store Explanation

Gold consumption - Decreases gold by 10.
Gold increase - Gold is increased by 100.

Open Inventory - List items. Tap an item to spend it.
Get FireElement, Get WaterElement - Increases items by 5 each.

=> Gold/Inventory Explanation

Increases experience - Increases experience by 10.

=> Experience Explanation

Game Cycle Tab


Start Quest - Starts a quest.
Quest Completed - Completes or fails (discards) a quest.

=> Quest Explanation

Lottery Store - Select an item from the list of lottery items and purchase the item.
After the lottery, the item is obtained. Items are transferred to your dedicated inventory.
(GS2-Lottery, GS2-Inventory, GS2-JobQueue, Stamp Sheet)
Open Lottery Inventory - Lists items acquired through the lottery.
Tap an item to consume it.

⇒Lottery Function Explanation

Community tab


Subscribe room - Subscribe to a chat room so that you can receive notifications of new messages posted to the room.
Unsubscribe - Unsubscribe from a chat room. (GS2-Chat)

Profile - Edit your player's profile.
Friends - Displays a list of friends.
Request in Progress - Displays a list of friend requests that are being sent from the player to other players.
Friend request being recieved - Displays a list of friend requests sent from other players to the player.
Blacklist - Displays the blacklist.
Follow - Displays a list of players you are following.

Press > at the bottom center of the screen to open the chat window.


Messages can be sent and received to and from the room with the name set in roomName in ChatSetting.

Matching tab


Create Gathering -- Create a gathering (unit of matching) by setting the number of participants.
Waiting for gathering - It requests participation in a gathering.

=> Matchmaking Explanation

If the match is successful, the room is entered using GS2-Realtime and
Participants can communicate with each other.
In the sample, a simple game of rock-paper-scissors can be played.

=> Realtime Explanation



Stamina Store (+ button on stamina display) ...
This is a sample of purchasing products that work with GS2-Exchange to spend GS2-Money to restore stamina values.
(GS2-Stamina, GS2-Exchange, GS2-Money)

=> Stamina/Stamina Store Explanation

Billing Currency Store (+ button in billing currency display) ...
This is a sample of selling billable currency managed using GS2-Money in GS2-Showcase.
One of the defined products has a limit on the number of purchases by GS2-Limit, and can be purchased only once.
(GS2-Showcase, GS2-Limit, GS2-Money)

=> Billing Currency Store Explanation


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