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{exec} = require 'child_process'
puts = console.log
mocha = (args...) ->
sh "PATH=$PATH:node_modules/mocha/bin mocha #{args.join ' '}"
task 'compile', 'Compiles the project to JS.', ->
puts 'Compiling...'
sh "coffee -o lib/ -c src/"
sh "coffee -o test/lib/ -c test/src/"
task 'test', 'Tests the project', ->
puts "Testing..."
mocha '-c', '-u bdd', '-R spec', 'test/lib/cobalt.js'
task 'self', 'pygmentize self', ->
require('fs').readFile __filename, (err, data) ->
pyg = require('./lib/cobalt').createClient
host: '' or process.env['HOST']
port: '80' or process.env['PORT']
lexer: 'coffee-script'
formatter: 'terminal256'
pyg.pygmentize code: String(data), (highlight, error) ->
puts highlight, error
sh = (cmd) ->
attach = (fn) ->
if sh.last
sh.last.on 'exit', (code) ->
fn() if code is 0
sh.last = fn()
attach ->
exec cmd, (status, output, error) ->
puts [output, error].join '\n' if output or error
process.on 'SIGHUP', -> sh.last?.kill()
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