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📝 Todo example app built with React & Apollo
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Getting Started

After downloading this example please follow these steps.

1. Create an account

To run this example, please create a account and copy your PROJECT_ID. This shouldn't take longer than a minute. We promise!

This is how our GraphQL data model looks like:

type Todo {
  text: String!
  complete: Boolean!

2. Configure app data endpoint

Open src/app.js and paste your PROJECT_ID to the following line:

const networkInterface = createNetworkInterface('')

3. Run the example

You're done configuring the example application. Please run the following command and open localhost:3000 in your browser. Have fun exploring! 🎉

npm install
npm start

Help & Community Slack Status

Join our Slack community if you run into issues or have questions. We love talking to you!

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