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v1.8.0 (in progress)

  • Option to enable/disable swipe to change mode
  • Add storage root and data directories to scanned fonts folder (e.g. /storage/emulated/0/Fonts)
  • WikiLinks: Disable default escaped characters, so subfolder path is not converted to hyphen
  • Bundle more fonts: Source Pro, DejaVu Sans Mono, Ubuntu, Lato

v1.7.0 Blog post

  • Improved app color theme for better readability
  • Load custom fonts from file
    • Markor bundles 5 additional open fonts
    • Copy custom fonts to folder: 'Notebook/.app/fonts/'
  • Links shared from e.g. browsers are automatically converted to Markdown syntax if possible
  • LinkBox is now listed on the main view bottom bar
  • LinkBox defaults on new installations to as filename
  • Default to last used date/time format at dialog
  • Apply todo.txt format only for .txt files
  • L/R Swipe in edit/representation mode to change mode
  • Open link textaction: Don't include trailing ')' in parsed URL, which is common for markdown
  • Added App Shortcuts, requires Android 7.1+
  • Markdown: Enable WikiLink style to reference [[file]] relative
  • Strip #ref from URL in representation to determine if another file should be opened on click
  • Option to set app start tab (Notebook / ToDo / QuickNote / LinkBox / More)

v1.6.0 Blog post

New features:

  • TextAction: Insert date/time
  • Add website title when sharing into Markor, if browser supports it
    • Website title + URL formatted in Markdown format if possible


  • Automatically create ToDo/linkbox/QuickNote and parent folders when using respective launcher
  • KaTex/Math: Improve inline math
  • Close virtual keyboard after creating new file
  • Language selection: Load system's most important language as system hint
  • Markdown + Jekyll: Replace {{ site.baseurl }} with .. in representation
  • More padding at settings on older devices
  • Use the new file dialog for sharing into new documents
  • Filesystem dialog now shows images / textfiles only at respective file selection


  • New file dialog: Jekyll option on older devices
  • Title not updated when swiping

v1.5.0 Blog post

New features:

  • App-wide
    • Settings option: Keep screen on
  • Editor
    • Open multiple Windows
  • Document browser
    • Completly new 'New file' dialog
  • Text Actions
    • Sort todo.txt files
    • Tasks support in Markdown


  • Document browser
    • Replace 'Reload button' with pull down to refresh
    • Added 'Last modified' to File information dialog
  • Editor
    • Added greenscale basic editor colors
  • Representation
    • Set inital background color before loading document
    • Math/KaTex: Show inline when single dollar is used


New features:

  • App-wide
    • Add popular documents to 'share into'
  • Editor
    • Settings options for editor background and foreground color
    • todo.txt: Highlight multiple levels of context/projects (@@/++)
  • Text Actions
    • Add zero-width space character to 'special characters'
    • Add color picker


  • TextActions
    • Markdown: Multiline textaction for header/quote/list
  • Editor
    • More space for document title
    • Harden automatic file naming and moving
  • Representation
    • Enable block rendering for KaTex (math)
  • App-wide
    • Natural scrolling in dialogs


  • Filesystem
    • Discard selection when leaving filesystem view


New features:

  • App-wide
    • Add 'Auto' theme, switch light/dark theme by current hour
    • Support for Chrome Custom Tabs
  • Editor
    • Start document at the recent cursor position (jump to bottom on new documents and at special files)
    • Enable link highlighting in plaintext format (especially easier to distinguish title and links in linkbox)
  • Text Actions
    • Markdown: Long press image adds img-src with max-height
    • Long press 'Special key' jumps to top/bottom
    • Long press 'Open external' opens content search


  • TextActions
    • Don't list empty lines in simple search
    • Edit picture supports now relative filepaths too
    • Show import dialog for selected pictures too (like in file selection)
  • Representation
    • Renamed from Preview
    • Performance improvement for TOC & Math - only use when text contains headers/math
    • Markdown: Underline h2 too (like h1, more common for two levels)
    • ToDo: Add alternative naming for contexts/projects
  • App-wide


  • Editor
    • Disable 'History disable' performance option for data integrity
  • App-wide
    • Special files: When app launcher was used, create file if not exists

v1.2.0 Blog post

New features:

  • General
    • Launchers to directly open LinkBox/ToDo/QuickNote (opt-in)
  • Text Actions
    • Search/filter lines by input (available in special-keys button menu)
    • Todo: context aware search for projects,contexts (longpress project/context button)
  • Preview
    • Table of contents (opt-in))
    • Math using KaTex (opt-in)


  • Converter
    • Markdown: More features enabled, notably GFM like table parsing and underlined h1
  • Settings
    • More spacing between categories


  • Editor
    • File saving

v1.1.0 Blog post

New features:

  • Text Module Actions
    • Markdown Picture Dialog
    • Load picture from gallery
    • Take picture with camera
    • Edit picture with graphics app


  • Formats
    • Load Markdown Format for .md.txt files


  • Editor
    • Change default lineheight back to 100%
    • Not connects multiple lines anymore
  • Filesystem view
    • More checks for storage access and the yellow info box


New features:

  • Add popular files (most used files by access count)
  • Add popular & recent files as virtual folder under /storage/
    • Selectable e.g. for widgets


  • Text-Module-Actions
    • More safety checks at execution
  • Highlighting
    • MD: Better code readability
    • MD: Better unordered list readability


New features:

  • ShareInto
    • Added export: calendar appointment


  • Widget
    • Added shortcuts to ToDo, QuickNote and LinkBox
  • SD Card handling and permission errors
    • Show warning when opening a file on not writeable path
    • Add shortcuts to writeable SD card folders
    • Mark unwriteable files red in selection dialog
  • ShareInto
    • Better separator placement


  • Widget
    • Open selected file
  • Editor
    • Markdown header highlighting padding
  • Share to app
    • Fix view intent not starting on some devices
  • Filesystem view
    • Allow to view Details for folder too


New features:

  • ShareInto
    • Show "open in browser" option if text contains link
    • Prepend separator to all existing documents
  • Settings / Preview
    • User customizeable CSS/JS injection option (for preview)
    • Configureable in settings
    • Contains some (uncommented) modification lines for important elements
    • like font size, font type, script to load when page loaded etc.


  • Inherit font size from global font preference


  • Recents working without having opened anything yet



  • Translation updated
  • Updated project description
  • Slightly modified adaptive icon


  • Editor-Rotation: Creates new file again when editing before
  • Create folder: Screen rotation


New features:

  • Recently viewed documents
    • Start editing of recent documents, button in the toolbar of main view
    • Allow sharing into recend documents
    • Queue containing the 10 last viewed files
  • Keep scroll position when reloading document list (Notebook)
  • Document/File Info: Dialog showing information about selected file
    • Openable at main views toolbar when one item is selected


  • Overall better performance
    • Faster document loading
    • Decreased memory usage
  • Reduce edit history size (undo/redo) to 5 for lower memory usage
  • Preview/Rendering (All):
    • Rework of theme, font-size and font injection
  • Preview/Rendering (Markdown):
    • Blockquote theme based styling
    • Blockquote RTL compatibility


  • Crash when Markor put to background and huge file is loaded
    • Document contents are not stored into resume cache anymore if they are too big
    • Make no major differences for huge files, just undo/redo history is cleared when switchting away


  • Option to disable spellchecking-underline
  • More file managers and sync clients supported (notably: seafile)
  • Improve default settings
  • Limit history size to improve performance
  • Support UTF8 local filename references


  • Decrease padding of textmoduleactions for more fitting elements
  • Add delete action for all formats
  • Add open link in browser moduleaction
  • Fix actionmode icon color
  • Share into:: Add LinkBox option
  • Share into:: Fix re-sharing of text


  • All new More section
  • All new "Share into" handling
  • Fix: Keep dates when priority is assigned
  • Mod: Disable colored,underlined header text
  • Add: Enable zoom gestures in Preview
  • Mod: md::link/image filesystem selection in working directory
  • Remove MoreFragment and AboutActivity
  • Share into:: Editable text
  • Share into:: Re-Share option
  • Share into:: Copy to clipboard option
  • Share into:: Landscape support
  • Update settings
  • Improve permission checking


  • Replace commonmark markdown parser with flexmark
  • Various smaller bug fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Settings option: Edit in screen center
  • Add ".." in folder selection to go up


  • Add support for editing files from most file managers
  • Allow to open from Own/NextCloud
  • Hints about using Markor with Dropbox
  • Allow to set document folder outside of internal storage
  • Fix import dialog orientation crash
  • Add option to start editing on bottom
  • md: moduleaction: end line with 2 spaces
  • Improve project icon
  • Trim share-into text
  • Improved exporting/sharing


  • Todotxt: Support delete, archive tasks
  • Todotxt: Try to keep cursor position
  • Translation updates :)


  • Option for custom line height
  • Remember cursor position when switching away from app
  • Special keyboard actions (Page up, Tab,..)


  • New project icon
  • Settings ordered in subscreens
  • Additional syntax information


  • Improve highlighter performance
  • Improve default highlighter settings
  • Added new highlting settings options
  • Preference support lib for settings


  • Abstract highlighting, converter and text module actions
  • Added: Support for todo.txt
  • Added: Icons to settings
  • Added: Hex-Color-Code underlining
  • Added: Changelog dialog


  • Select file/image from filesystem
  • Fix relative web local file loading
  • Added: manually save option
  • Added: Launcher shortcuts
  • Filesystem: Add refresh menu option


  • Show document and file amount below folders
  • Settings toolbar option
  • Highlight line-endings with two spaces (MD line break)
  • Translation updates


  • Translation update
  • Widget and document list fixes
  • Improve editor actions


  • Rework of core functionalities of the app
  • Added QuickNote
  • Redo/Undo editing
  • Separate Preview/Edit by fragments, unify functions
  • Rewrite storage/handling of documents
  • Improved sharing into the app, allow appending
  • Added bottom navigation
  • New font chooser in settings


  • Added: Many new supported languages
  • More supported markdown elements in highlighter
  • More markdown file extensions supported
  • Improved language selection
  • Share as image fixed


  • Added: Translation: Brazilian, Polish, Hindi, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian
  • Added: Sort files
  • Added: Replace markdown charbar with actions
  • Improved: Syntax highlighting


  • Fixed: replaced Uri.fromFile with FileProvider
  • Added: Share as file, share as PDF
  • Use commonmark-java instead of AndDown markdown parser
  • Added: Spanish translation (#26
  • Added: More font size options


  • Fix: Renaming case sensitive
  • Mod: Syntax highlighting
  • Fix: Widget
  • Added: Copyright notices
  • Changed: Translation license


  • Overall refactoring
  • Remove startup ""authentication""
  • Remove slow animations
  • FilesystemDialog from scratch
  • Save only if title/content changed
  • Rework most callbacks and broadcasts
  • Rework settings


  • Fix import (#2)
  • Use appcompat in dialogs
  • Change cursor in editor
  • Fix resizing with fullscreen in editor
  • Dialogs in dark


  • Initial release
  • Start of community project Markor
  • Fork of writeily-pro
  • Different branding
  • New initial features


New features:



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