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@gsantner gsantner released this Jun 25, 2021

v2.7 Blog Post

  • Recursive file search with in-content search, #1337 by @adelobosko @harshad1 @gsantner
  • Backup and restore settings, Format selection with radio buttons, #1244 by @harshad1 @gsantner
  • Per-file font size, #1332 by @harshad1
  • Markdown: Support superscript^2^ syntax, #1268 by @gsantner
  • View mode: Image/PDF export whole page, add seperate screenshot option, by @gsantner
  • todo.txt: Fix trailing space resulting in contexts/projects/due-dates to be entered twice, #1282 by @harshad1
  • Markdown: Enable GitLab extension, display video links as html5-video, #1280 by @gsantner
  • Markdown: Enable typographic transformation, #1277 by @gsantner
  • todo.txt: Fix tags dialog not shows up onLongClick, #1292 by @gsantner
  • Editor: Allow top-menu back button also when the file is empty, #1290 by @harshad1
  • ShareInto: Improve automatic link reformatting, #1275 by @harshad1
  • Search dialogs: Hide search input field when if there is no data, #1298 by @harshad1
  • Decrease scrollbar width for better usability, #1306 by @harshad1
  • todo.txt: Settings option for always-visible @contexts & +projects, #1305 by @harshad1 @gsantner
  • TextActions: Improve cursor placement at Regex replace, #1310 by @harshad1
  • File manager: Move/Copy file improvements, add Yes/No/All overwrite options, #1281 by @harshad1
  • Fix App might crash on toolbar-click for TOC, #1336 by @adelobosko
  • Fix Android 4.4 crash on file move/copy, #1333 by @harshad1
  • Fix Android 4.4 crash when opening .txt file due to ZimWiki format detection, #1341 by @fredericjacob
  • Markdown: Don't match extra spaces at ordered-list regex, #1367 by @harshad1
  • File Manager: Fix MB being displayed as GB at description (SI 1000 unit), #1352 by @gsantner
  • File Manager: Duplicate file / allow copy into same folder, #1345 by @harshad1- Filemanager formatter: fix MB being displayed as GB (SI 1000 unit), #1352 by @gsantner


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@gsantner gsantner released this Feb 28, 2021

v2.6 Blog Post

  • Markdown: Add settings option for newlines to start new paragraphs, #1260 by @gsantner
  • Editor/Viewer: Remember last used file format, show current selected format, #1226 by @harshad1
  • Editor/Viewer: Back arrow (top menu) finish activity, #1165 by @gsantner
  • Editor: Per-file option to enable/disable syntax highlighting, #1168 by @harshad1
  • Share-Into: Add launcher, #1184 by @gsantner
  • Markdown: Apply Markor Table of Content config for custom [TOC]: # too, #1189 by @gsantner
  • Editor: Improve writing to sdcard, #1192 by @gsantner
  • Zim: Support file generation on Android<7/Java=6, #1194 by @gsantner
  • Zim: Editor: Support Table of contents (top menu), #1186 by @fredericjacob
  • Markdown: Math/KaTex: Improve \ line breaks usage, #1196 by @radanovicnik
  • ShareInto: Add space after formatted link - messengers then show correct link preview, by @gsantner
  • Markdown: Add break page example to Markdown reference, by @gsantner
  • Editor: Prevent Android accessibility & autofill to produce errors, #1204 by @harshad1
  • Main page: Reduce friction when app was running in background for a while, #1210 by @harshad1
  • Search: Add input field to filter search results, #1222 by @harshad1
  • Markdown: Don't start new list item when reaching file end and toggling, #1213 by @harshad1
  • Zim: Simplify Zim format detection, #1227 by @gsantner
  • Zim: Add more text actions (links, images, checkbox, ..), #1195 by @fredericjacob
  • All formats: Date/Time dialog don't add entry twice to history, #1229 by @harshad1
  • Editor/Viewer: Increase scrollbar width, #1241 by @harshad1
  • File browser: File move start from current folder, #1234 by @harshad1
  • Editor/Viwer: Add file info option (document top menu), #1233 by @harshad1
  • Viewer: Privacy: Opt-out of Android WebView's internal metrics, #1181 by @gsantner
  • Markdown: Support Notable's special home brewed syntax for attachments, #1252 by @gsantner
  • Dependencies: Add source code of colorpicker and build subproject, by @gsantner
  • Optimize image assets, by @gsantner
  • DevOps: Improvements to GitHub Actions CI/CD configuration, by @gsantner
  • Improve encryption wording & usage, #1171 #1179 by @opensource21
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@gsantner gsantner released this Dec 20, 2020

Blog Post

  • Add Zim Wiki format and template #1098
  • Add search & replace (simple|regex, replace once|all) #1112
  • Add settings for current file to toolbar #1129
  • Fix file sometimes not opens from launcher shortcut #1139
  • Use GitHub Actions for CI/CD #1151
  • Add template for Zettelkasten #1156
  • Add Nord editor color scheme #1134
  • Allow to select folder when create new file via share into Markor #1138
  • Improve license dialog readability #1119
  • General improvements, fixes and translations





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Dec 9, 2020

@gsantner gsantner released this Oct 30, 2020

v2.4 Blog Post

  • Markdown: Correctly insert or remove list item on press enter at empty list item
  • Remove title from todo.txt date dialog, better usable on small devices
  • Fix search sometimes not working when chaging from view to edit mode
  • Rework Indent & Move lines Actions
  • Add settings option to control todo.txt completition date auto insert
  • All new todo.txt support in Markor
  • Add many languages to view-mode code highlighting
  • Add xlf format (plaintext)
  • Remove colored highlighting from changelog dialog
  • Add search to Markdown edit-mode outline/TOC dialog
  • New file dialog remember type selection
  • Better preserve current open folder across device rotation & reboot
  • todo.txt: Long press sort to sort by most recent used method
  • Markdown: Improve bold/italic syntax highlighting with punctuations
  • todo.txt: Create done file again when not exists
  • Add Actions: Move line up & down, start new line
  • Insert Date/Time text action: List of recent time formats
  • Control visibility of text actions
  • Edit-Mode Search: Open selected position instead of first match
  • File browser: Add settings option to customize file description format
  • todo.txt: Syntax highlighting in edit-mode search dialog
  • Save last used folder to settings, use info for titlebar
  • New File Dialog: Remember type selection
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@gsantner gsantner released this Sep 8, 2020


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Jul 28, 2020

@gsantner gsantner released this Jul 25, 2020

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May 2, 2020