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v1.6 Blog post

  • Simplify overall app usage
  • Change primary color brown-black to improve readability
  • Add caption option (in creator) to apply text appearance changes to all captions
  • Works completly offline, no internet permission requested
  • Remove tabbar from main view to see all images immediately, less clutter
  • Add editor menu options to view original image
  • Add simple rotation gesture detection to imageviewer
  • Add links to meme templates and funny image sites to More->Help


  • Back to roots with small amount of templates inside projects
  • Targeted at user added templates in local folder
  • No more downloads from MemeTastic archive
  • Removed Interned permission, internet access completly disable


  • Add some more bundled assets


  • Adaptive app icon
  • Fix media scan setting option
  • Merge first-start and update dialog


  • More support languages
  • New settings screen
  • Fix: Don't include colon in save filename


  • Include tags in search
  • Fix loading from some gallery apps
  • Improved Editor Text-settings usability
  • Add description field to font selection


  • Translated into many more languages
  • Search memes
  • Browse memes in row layout
  • Advanced color picker for editor
  • Hide memes
  • Added context menu on meme list
  • Use paging for image viewer and meme list
  • Updated to Android O / API27


  • Added: Russian, Indonesian translation
  • Fixed: Cloud storage picture source


  • Dont include assets at buildtime (fixes #30)
  • Download assets at runtime (github assets)
  • Allows updating assets
  • Remove builtin assets
  • Allow using without storage permission (share & edit only)
  • Migration for old data
  • Allow templates to be shown in normal tabs
  • Replace categories with tags. A meme can now be e.g. animals and cartoon


  • Updated: Readme
  • Fixed: Language list when building outside of project root
  • Added: Czech translation


  • Added: Option to change app language
  • Added: Brazilian localization
  • Added: Spanish localization
  • Added: F-Droid: App screenshots
  • Updated: F-Droid: App metadata
  • Updated: Changelog text and visuals


  • Improve loading speed in overview
  • Added: metadata and assets git submodule
  • Move assets to own repo
  • Updated: opoc


  • Added: Empty list info text & image
  • Complete rework of MemeCreateActivity
  • Added: Custom image templates: /sdcard/Pictures/MemeTastic/templates/custom/
  • Added: Shuffle meme list option
  • Added: Moar memes, fonts
  • Updated: to android-api26
  • Hide statusbar options
  • Updated: save dialog
  • Added: padding option in MemeCreate
  • Removed: BottomSheet library


  • Updated: opoc/SimpleMarkdownParser
  • Updated: AboutActivity
  • Updated: license appearance
  • Rename Activity Info to About


  • Better visibility of license terms and copyright


  • Disable forced orientation
  • New memes


  • Use opoc/Helpers


  • API level lowered to API14 / ICS
  • Back press - auto save option #13
  • Back press - double back prompt #10
  • New memes


  • Updated: settings


  • Updated: libs


  • Smaller fontsizes
  • New fonts
  • Translation added: Polish


  • Allow rotation of images
  • Keep Meme Settings on device rotation
  • Swipe through category tabs
  • Remove generics from MemeSettings/Font
  • Translation added: Italian
  • More memes


  • Introduce minimalistic Markdown Parser
  • Show CHANGELOG after update
  • Convert existing Markup files to Markdown
  • Updated: existing markdown files
  • Updated: InfoActivity to use new Parser
  • Rewrite AppSettings


  • Added: more memes & fonts
  • Show license dialog on first start
  • Translations added: Japanese
  • Updated: about section


  • First MemeTastic Open Source release
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