An MQTT platform for the analysis of sensors data.
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What is Fenix ?

It aims to be a platform to monitor and analyze in real-time data coming from sensor of various kinds. It is mainly based on the MQTT protocol.

The application is built upon Electron allowing to build desktop application as html/javascript app.

The project is being developped inside the RI2C team of the LITIS computer science laboratory at the university of Le Havre.

How to build and run Fenix ?

Fenix is run through nodejs, so you have to get node and its packet manager, npm, on your machine. When building Fenix for the first time, you need to download all node packages needed by the app. You can do that running the install command of npm from the root directory of Fenix :

npm install

Next step is to build the UI part. This can be done with the following command :

npm run build

Finally, Fenix can be started with the start action of npm :

npm start


Fenix is a free software distributed under the BSD-like CeCILL-B licence.