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@@ -498,8 +498,7 @@ class Speak(Element):
loop: number of times to say this text
VALID_ATTRS = ('voice', 'language',
- 'loop', 'engine', 'type',
- 'method')
+ 'loop')
def __init__(self, text, **kwargs):
Element.__init__(self, **kwargs)
@@ -584,8 +583,7 @@ class Number(Element):
number: phone number to dial
sendDigits: key to press after connecting to the number
- VALID_ATTRS = ('sendDigits', 'sendOnPreanswer', 'gateways', 'gatewayCodecs',
- 'gatewayTimeouts', 'gatewayRetries', 'extraDialString')
+ VALID_ATTRS = ('sendDigits', 'sendOnPreanswer')
def __init__(self, number, **kwargs):
Element.__init__(self, **kwargs)
self.body = number
@@ -622,12 +620,7 @@ class Conference(Element):
(default 0, no timeLimit)
hangupOnStar: exit conference when member press '*'
(default false)
- recordFilePath: path where recording is saved.
- (default "" so recording wont happen)
- recordFileFormat: file format in which recording tis saved
- (default mp3)
- recordFileName: By default empty, if provided this name will be used for the recording
- (any unique name)
+ record: true or false, record conference or not
action: redirect to this URL after leaving conference
method: submit to 'action' url using GET or POST
callbackUrl: url to request when call enters/leaves conference
@@ -640,8 +633,8 @@ class Conference(Element):
VALID_ATTRS = ('muted','beep','startConferenceOnEnter',
'endConferenceOnExit','waitSound','enterSound', 'exitSound',
- 'timeLimit', 'hangupOnStar', 'maxMembers', 'recordFilePath',
- 'recordFileFormat', 'recordFileName', 'action', 'method',
+ 'timeLimit', 'hangupOnStar', 'maxMembers',
+ 'record', 'action', 'method',
'digitsMatch', 'callbackUrl', 'callbackMethod',
'stayAlone', 'floorEvent')
@@ -668,7 +661,7 @@ class Dial(Element):
callbackMethod: submit to 'callbackUrl' url using GET or POST
VALID_ATTRS = ('action','method','timeout','hangupOnStar',
- 'timeLimit','callerId', 'callerNme', 'confirmSound',
+ 'timeLimit','callerId', 'callerName', 'confirmSound',
'dialMusic', 'confirmKey', 'redirect',
'callbackUrl', 'callbackMethod', 'digitsMatch')
@@ -684,16 +677,12 @@ class Record(Element):
maxLength: maximum number of seconds to record (default 60)
timeout: seconds of silence before considering the recording complete (default 500)
playBeep: play a beep before recording (true/false, default true)
- format: file format (default mp3)
- filePath: complete file path to save the file to
finishOnKey: Stop recording on this key
- fileName: filename to be used for recording of file
bothLegs: record both legs (true/false, default false)
no beep will be played
VALID_ATTRS = ('action', 'method', 'timeout','finishOnKey',
- 'maxLength', 'bothLegs', 'playBeep',
- 'fileFormat', 'filePath', 'fileName')
+ 'maxLength', 'bothLegs', 'playBeep')
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
Element.__init__(self, **kwargs)

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