A few sessions introducing Python, Jupyter notebooks, and Pandas
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Python and Jupyter basics



A few sessions introducing Python, Jupyter notebooks, and Pandas

The basics and Jupyter notebooks

An introduction to Python for someone who already knows some programming (e.g. MATLAB or R)

  • Jupyter notebooks and why they are useful for researchers
  • Using and managing Python packages
  • Basic Python objects (heavily influenced by Jake VanderPlas' Whirlwind Tour of Python)

Video available on youtube


Using Pandas for importing/exporting and working with data. The two sessions cover mostly the same material.

  • Importing CSV and Excel files as DataFrames
  • Examining the head(), tail(). dtypes, and columns of a dataframe to make sure everything looks like it should
  • Using groupby to sum all units within a facility
  • Writing small functions to use with apply()
  • Boolean indexing
  • Joining dataframes with merge()

Watch session one
Watch session two

Exploratory visualization

Learn about different types of data and plots. Based on the tutorial I wrote.

  • Tidy data
  • Types of plots
    • Distributions
    • Regressions
    • Categorical
  • Using factorplot and FacetGrid to create small multiples

Machine learning with scikit-learn

I didn't cover machine learning, but try the links below if you're intersted learning about it