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Description: Stage-ready sheet music, Chord, tab, and Fake sheet organizer for musicians


  • Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android support
  • IOS support with external server
  • PDF, Image, ChordPro, and TXT support
  • Search by title, artist, category, ect
  • Build and organize set lists
  • Accessable to multiple users over local network
  • Navigate by mouse, swipe, or go hands-free with an easy to build USB foot pedal

How to Run

Repertoire is written in PHP and SQLite, for portability, advanced JS based rendering, and cross-platform support. As such, it requires a webserver, such as Apache, to run. The most recent version will be available, packaged for multiple operating systems, at

Package it Yourself


  1. Download and unzip USB Webserver
  2. Delete the files in the ./root directory, and replace with the contents of Repertoire
  3. Run USBWebserver.exe
  4. Open your browser to http://localhost:8080 to start Repertoire

Mac (Untested)

  1. _Download and install MAMP webserver
  2. Copy Repertoire into your MAMP root directory
  3. Run MAMP
  4. Click "Open Start Page" to start Repertoire


  1. Install and start a LAMP stack with SQLite3 support (seriously, if you use Linux, you don't need my help with this)
  2. Copy Repertoire into your server's root directory
  3. Open the localhost in your browser, at whatever port you configured, to start Repertoire


  1. Install Server for PHP, from the Play Store
  2. Connect your device via USB, in 'Mass Storage Mode'
  3. Copy Repertoire into your ./www folder
  4. Start Server for PHP
  5. click the link at the bottom (usually starts with, to open Repertoire in your browser

Change Log

09/21/2014 - V0.8a - Beginnings of unified AJAX controller, Completed PDF renderer 09/14/2014 - V0.7a - Initial public release


Repertoire is GPL licensed. It makes use of several 3rd party libraries, with their own compatible licenses. Some portions of the pre-packaged configurations may include closed source or alternatively licensed code.


Repertoire is a huge project, that I tend to support and grow for years to come. If you enjoy it, please consider donating to the continued development of the system at


PHP-based Sheet Music, Tab, and Sheet Organizer






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