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enable truly-responsive client-side image rendering
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jQuery SmartCrop

by Greg Schoppe (


jQuery plugin enabling client-side responsive image rendering. Just define widths and heights for image files, using responsive CSS, and SmartCrop will resize and crop the image to best match the defined size.

Important Note: jQuery SmartCrop is currently a proof of concept. Resource usage is currently very high, and the algorithms used are NOT yet optimized in ANY way. This plugin is NOT yet recommended for use in ANY production site


All settings are optional. focus and maxReduce can be overridden on a per-image basis with html5 data attributes data-focusx, data-focusy, and data-maxreduce.

    weight   : .3,           // weight between color method (0) and entropy method (1)
    focus    : [null, null], // percent of width and percent of height aka {.5,.5} for image focal point (if not set, focus will be determined automatically)
    maxReduce: .33,          // maximum reduction ratio before cropping
    testSize : 200,          // pixel size of test canvas (used to determine focus automatically.  smaller sizes are faster, but less accurate)
    slices   : 20,           // number of slices to sample (used to determine focus automatically.  smaller sizes are faster, but less accurate)
    debug    : false         // enable debugging mode to display console information and focus point overlay

Change Log

  • 01/04/2015 - First functioning proof of concept
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