Quickly process html and php files for CS 1300 through the w3 validator and rapidly organize the grading environment
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What does this do?

This tool is designed to quickly validate .html and .php files, as well as rapidly setup the grading environment for TA's


You will need to install the Python requests library to use this.

pip install requests
(This project is written in Python 3.5.2)

Usage for TA's

Execution should be in this form:

 python main.py abs/dir/path/to/GroupedCMS/downloads  abs/file/path/to/grading/template.md  grading_file_name.ext 
This execution will
1. Unzip all the student's directories from CMS
2. Validate all HTML and PHP files (given these files are in the root unzipped directory)
3. Generate a single grading file with the student's netID's and corresponding grading template in a single file of your name choice within the Grouped CMS download folder

Usage for Students

Indiviudual folders can also be validated

 python individual_validate.py abs/path/to/individual/folder 
This execution will
1. Validate all HTML and PHP files in the given directory and display any errors in the terminal


We DO NOT want to overload w3's validation servers, frequent use of these scripts in a short period of time (generally 150 requests in 2 hours) can lead to a 403 or request forbidden error. Use this tool sparingly and at your own risk.


This script works on both macOS and windows 10, however, colorful terminal output only works on macOS and Linux.