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This repository contains all published case stuides using Clafer and ClaferMPS developed inside GSD Lab at the University of Waterloo. The repository is structured as follows:

  • PlainClafer - All case studies developed using Clafer.
    • Automotive
    • Previous Work - This contains case studies developed for the original power window, AADLtoClafer, and Data Center Resource Allocation. Most have been deprecated.
  • MPS - All case studies developed using ClaferMPS
    • Automotive
      • Body Domain - This contains published body domain case studies found in our submitted work to iSOLA'16. See the associated README for details for getting started with the MPS project.
  • Other Tools
    • Contains PowerWindow models developed using other tools: AutoFocus 3, ArcheOpterix, and OSATE. See the associated README for details.