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Integration of Clafer Compiler and Instance Generators into Sublime Text 2/3
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Clafer Tools


Integration of Clafer Compiler and Instance Generators into Sublime Text 2/3.

See release notes for Clafer 0.4.5.


Features and Usage

  • Syntax highlighting of keywords, operators, comments, and integer and string literals
  • Compilation and validation <CTRL>+b. To change parameters of the command:
    • Preferences->Browse Packages
    • cd Clafer Tools
    • edit Clafer.sublime-build
  • Instance generation (with simple scope inference) using
    • Alloy-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, a
    • Choco-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, c
    • Z3 SMT-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, s (only for


  1. Install Sublime Text 3. On Ubuntu, add the WebUpd8 PPA then execute sudo apt install sublime-text-installer.
  2. In Sublime Text
    • Install Package Control
      • Tools->Install Package Control...
    • Install packages SublimeREPL, Clafer Tools and (optionally) SidebarEnhancements
      • Preferences->Package Control->Install Package
      • type the name of the package
    • Open the Packages folder
      • Preferences->Browse Packages...
      • copy the folder SublimeREPL from Clafer Tools to Packages
        • on Mac, use the merge option not replace
  3. Download the latest binary distribution of Clafer Tools
    • Clafer Tools
    • Unzip the contents of the folder clafer-tools-0.4.5 into Packages/Clafer-Bin
      • Make sure the folder structure is NOT Packages/Clafer-Bin/clafer-tools-0.4.5, that is, the contents of the folder clafer-tools-0.4.5 are directly inside Clafer-Bin
    • (optional) add Clafer-Bin to the variable PATH.
  4. On Windows only
    • Alloy-based instance generator only works with 32bit Java on Windows and if you only have 64bit Java installation, you will see an error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no minisatproverx1 in java.library.path.

Known Limitations and Workarounds

  • On Windows - Setting the PATH to 32bit Java installation

    • install 32bit JDK but do not modify the PATH to point to it (there's no 32bit JRE anymore)
    • in Sublime Text
      • Preferences->Package Settings->SublimeREPL->Settings - Default
      • set default_extended_env as "default_extend_env": {"PATH": "C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jdk1.8.0_102/bin;{PATH}"},
  • On Linux and Mac

    • the Python 3 executable is called python3 and the best solution is to create a symlink called python pointing to /usr/bin/python3
      • in Packages/Clafer Tools execute ln -s /usr/bin/python3 python.
    • it's also needed to add the current directory . to the PATH, so that the executables are found. Add the following line at the end of your .profile
      • PATH=".:$PATH"
    • for python to be able to find the Z3 library, add the following line to your .profile
      • on Linux, export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/Clafer-Bin:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
      • on Mac, export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/Clafer-Bin:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH"
  • On MacOS Yosemite, the preferred way of setting the variable PATH is by editing /etc/paths. However, despite that, Sublime Text 2/3 will not see the specified values because it is a GUI application and it will only see /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/. To check the value of PATH visible to Sublime

    1. open console View->Show Console
    2. execute import os; print (os.environ['PATH'])
    3. if you see /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/, you are affected by the Yosemite PATH bug and ClaferChocoIG will be unable to comple the model for you because it calls the clafer executable.
    4. the workaround is to:
      • create a symlink sudo ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/Clafer-Bin/clafer /usr/bin/clafer so that clafer executable will be visible on the default PATH.
    5. to conveniently use ClaferChocoIG, move the script (included in Mac binary distro) to /usr/bin by executing sudo mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/Clafer-Bin/ /usr/bin.
  • ClaferSMT in Clafer Tools binary depends on the python package bintrees, to install execute pip install bintrees on Windows or pip3 install bintrees on Linux and Mac.

Planned Improvements

  • Code snippets for quantified expressions such as [ all disj x1; x2 : X | ... ]
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