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A superset platform used as a submodule by all the three Clafer Web Tools: ClaferIDE, ClaferMooVisualizer and ClaferConfigurator.




The platform should be installed as a Git submodule into Server/commons folder of ClaferIDE, ClaferMooVisualizer and ClaferConfigurator.

  • in the root folder of the host project, execute
git submodule init
git submodule update
git submodule foreach git checkout master

When working with a branch other then master, you need to checkout that branch in the last command above.

Now, in the host project's source files, you can use the capabilities, components and functions of the platform. See files named Server/Client/configuration.js of the three listed projects as examples.


This installation procedure applies to all three web tools, which use the same backends installed into some location <bin> found on PATH.

  • Getting Binaries

Binary distributions of the release 0.4.4 of Clafer Tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux, can be downloaded from Clafer Tools - Binary Distributions. There you can get binaries for Clafer Compiler, ClaferIG and the ClaferChocoIG backend.

The fastest way is to unzip a binary distribution into the folder <bin>.
By default, <bin>=/home/clafertools040/bin

  • Install ClaferIG following the installation instructions into <bin>.

  • Install chocosolver following the installation instructions into <bin>.

Upgrading to the latest platform

  • in your project folder, execute
    • git submodule foreach git pull

The changes will be pulled and merged into your local repository.

Commiting changes made to the platform

If you make changes to the files in Server/commons folder, you can save them into the platform.

  • in your project folder, execute
    • git submodule foreach add <filename>
    • git submodule foreach commit -m "<message>"
    • git submodule foreach push

After that, your chagnes to the platform will be saved online. Then, you can propagate changes to the rest of the tools by following the Upgrading to the latest platform steps described above.

Important: Branches must correspond

All related projects are following the simultaneous release model. The branch master contains releases, whereas the branch develop contains code under development. When building the tools, the branches should match. Releases from branches master are guaranteed to work well together. Development versions from branches develop should work well together but this might not always be the case.

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