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  • Port to latest Choco3 version 3.3.3
  • Support nested abstract clafers
  • Added API for specifying ordering of clafers by giving priority branchingPriority([[a,b], [c,d], [e]]);
  • Improved performance, see user's comment
  • Improved pretty printing of instances to harmonize with ClaferIG
  • Fixed multiplication/division and overflows handling
  • Fixed handling of zeroes in division
JLiangWaterloo and others added some commits Nov 4, 2015
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Name the length variable from fuzz tests after the corresponding stri…
…ng variable.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Port to latext Choco library. 4f48cad
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed documentation of test case. 49a75ce
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Refactor the AST tree to allow for abstract clafers nested under abst…
…ract clafers.

The model now has two roots: one is abstract, and the other is concrete. For example, consider the following model:

    abstract A
    abstract C : A
        abstract D
    E : C

This is represented in AstModel as:

    abstract abstractRoot
        abstract clafer
        abstract A : clafer
            B : clafer
        abstract C : A
            abstract D : clafer
        E : C
        F : clafer
    root : abstractRoot
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Translation of nested abstract clafers to IR. 9df7013
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Merge branch 'develop' of into …
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed index out of range exceptions when the propagation order for jo…
…in on function happens in a different order than usual.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Port to latext Choco library. 03112a3
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fix compiler warnings due to generic arrays. 9248f8f
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed missing nested abstract clafers when iterating over all clafers…
… of the model.
@mantkiew mantkiew bumped to 0.4.3 9e1aa25
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed creating the relation of a nested abstract clafer. fc7c56a
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed index out of range exceptions due to the removal of out of rang…
…e values in initial propagation of join appears unexpectedly as an event in the incremental propagation.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Merge branch 'develop' of into …
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Standardize traversing Clafers of a certain type. 69b479a
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Removed code for old branching strategy creation.. 1ec0e53
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed index out of range exceptions due to the removal of out of rang…
…e values in initial propagation of join appears unexpectedly as an event in the incremental propagation.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Utility method for cons of an optional with a list. c5bed86
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Implement the option for user to specify priorities of Clafers for br…
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Added methods to the Javascript interface for specifying branching pr…

For example, add "branchingPriority([[a,b], [c,d], [e]]);" to the Javascript will
construct a ClaferOption with 1) Clafers a and b as the highest priority, 2) Clafers
c and d as the second highest priority, 3) Clafers e as the third highest priority,
4) the remaining Clafers as the lowest priority.

As usual, use the Javascript class to parse the input file. The parsed object (JavascriptFile)
now contains an additional field for ClaferOption. This ClaferOption object must be passed to
the compiler for the branching priority to take effect.

For example:

   JavascriptFile p = Javascript.readModel(testFile);
   ClaferSolver s = ClaferCompiler.compile(p.getModel(), p.getScope(), p.getOption());
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Unit tests for Rational. e18f54b
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Remove debug statement. 7b7ef63
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Canonicalize the functions created by Fourier-Motzkin elimination to …
…avoid the possibility of divergence.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Updated CLI to use any options embedded in the .js files. 5ca3ecb
@mantkiew mantkiew improved pretty printing of the instances. Consistent with ClaferIG's…
… new output
@mantkiew mantkiew self-assigned this Dec 18, 2015
@mantkiew mantkiew added this to the 0.4.3 milestone Dec 18, 2015
mantkiew and others added some commits Dec 18, 2015
@mantkiew mantkiew fixed the failing test after pretty print format change d5cb743
@mantkiew mantkiew revised README. Fixes #25 de8b08c
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Create an arc consistent domain instead of bound consistent domain fo…
…r multiplication.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Analyze ternaries during partial integer analysis. fa9fe1e
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Restrict the size of the multiplcations created by the linear equatio…
…n optimizer.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fix overflow when calculating the size of a bounded domain that is to…
…o large for a 32-bit signed integer.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Update documentation for IrMul. a905567
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fix multiplication when bounded by a explicit mulRange.
For example, for the expression a * b with a mulRange of {-2,...,2} will restrict the possibilities of a and b such that the product must lie in this range even if the multiplication is under a conditional. This will omit some potentially valid solutions. With the fix, you may notice more instances than previously if your model contains multiplication.
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Add missing timeout for test. a4cd574
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Handle unsatisfiable mul and div consistenty. bde9159
@JLiangWaterloo JLiangWaterloo Fixed handling of zeroes in division.
Previously, an expression a / b will always prohibit b = 0, even if the division is under a conditional. With this fix, you may see more solutions than previously found.
@mantkiew mantkiew Release 0.4.3. Updated to Choco 3.3.3 release. e35b420
@mantkiew mantkiew merged commit 6a9ec31 into master Dec 22, 2015

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