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mantkiew commented Jun 23, 2016 edited


  • removed the experimental & misfeature

Architecture DSL

  • added context-sensitive regex concept name completion with <ctrl>+<enter>. For example, typing dev<ctrl>+<enter> will expand the name to FunctionalDevice in functional analysis architecture or to DeviceNode in hardware architecture.
  • split into three languages: architecture, referenceModel, and qualityAttributes
  • removed documentation comments from the graphical projection
  • improved support for dref
  • improved reference model extensibility
    • ability to nest constraints under quality attributes
    • ability to mix-in arbitrary clafers and constraints into the reference model
    • made FunctionalAnalysisComponent visible in quality table

Tag & Milestone DSLs

  • Experimental languages allowing for filtering the architectural models according to the milestone ranges (e.g., >= 1.2 and <= 1.8).
El-Khalilov and others added some commits May 13, 2016
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov partially completed implementation typesystem 44e06f6
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' into implementationTS f390991
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Finish Deploy checking rules; partially complete deploy's tests 78e5b42
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov updated architecture examples 41fc5ff
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' into implementationTS 9d96a5f
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov fixed tests for FAC implementation expressions d6fe2f0
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added FA Component to QA tables 20ef524
@mantkiew mantkiew Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into develop d809614
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Fixed Quality constructor; renamed FAComponent to FunctionalAnalysisC…
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Fixed QA generator
If the preferences module is not defined, a qa version of the model is generated by default.
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Updated Device Node type intention
A "Add Type" was replaced with a "Device Node Type" intention group
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Cleaned up architecture examples; minor changes in NodeType intentions
1. Remove a Doorlocks model from the architecture.sandbox
2. Remove erroneous nodes from the Deployment example
3. Replace deprecated conceptNodes from the NodeType intention
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov partially completed new qa table 395f694
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added assertion; renamed min and max (for the optimization goals) to …
…minimize and maximize
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added min and max expressions dc82511
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added sender/receiver expressions for function connectors f281a6e
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov added navigatable-node to sender/receiver editors ea636cc
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Fixed Goal d4b190a
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' into qaTable 8664470
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Partially completed qa table c6f1129
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Updated QA generator f745f1a
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov finished plain clafer mixins for qa table e138e32
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added constraints for table quality attributes 5880bba
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Changed primitive clafer type to meetType; added dref support to meet…
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Fixed dref expression for quality attributes; fixed parent expression…
… for ref clafers
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov implemented smart auto completion for architecture elements 7edd3d1
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov renamed baseConcepts to referenceModel 2dfb811
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov init reference model language and sandbox solution 0ebd761
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov added generators to reference model language 1c94e16
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov added weaving rules for quality attributes 871e960
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov removed the ArchGenUtil class (replaced with ReferenceModelUtil) 700894b
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov minor changes 0c299ba
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov init a quality attributes language 23bd70b
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov move qa concept from the architecture to the qualityAttributes language ab7a1c7
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Added reference clafers into the auto completion scope of qa content f07bc06
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov fixed qa scope (missing supers qualities); removed qualityRef editor c9a2dcb
@mantkiew mantkiew added this to the 0.4.4 milestone Jun 23, 2016
@mantkiew mantkiew self-assigned this Jun 23, 2016
El-Khalilov and others added some commits Jun 24, 2016
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' into qualityAttributes 6b92ac4
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov fixed generating priorities d9fc634
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge develop into qualityAttributes language 6b21326
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Fixed QualityExpr scope f0bd8f0
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov changed smart regex concept name completion hotkey to ctrl+enter ad915d2
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' into refactoring 98b2c8b
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov finished qa refactoring 7604fcf
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov removed documentation comments from the diagram view 07f6d23
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov removed refRealtionExpr db3a373
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov remove old concepts form the qualityAttributes language 3e411ec
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Init org.clafer.util language 2edf863
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov added variability example 98d2b12
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov added tags language 6b01329
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov minor changes in util.tags 4b2bc58
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov init Documentation Example 8adee91
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov update documentation example 7af4041
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov init milestone language 89ba6fb
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov add basic concepts to the milestone language 8687131
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov add milestone filtering a02967f
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'milestones' into Documentation dcce024
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov minor changes in the Documentation example b054283
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov migrate to the latest mbeddr bc08af7
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov implement multiple version filters e245677
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov implement version colors 5aacb53
@mantkiew mantkiew updated version and revised installation instructions based on Leonie…
…'s feedback
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Finished milestone filters 46e77da
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov Merge branch 'develop' of into de…
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov removed the org.clafer.architecture from the utility languages 4936861
@El-Khalilov El-Khalilov minor changes 9d6c46e
@mantkiew mantkiew updated installation instructions for 0.4.4 to cover org.clafer.util a084ac3
@mantkiew mantkiew typos and simplified util installation c027737
@mantkiew mantkiew merged commit 2445a50 into master Sep 19, 2016
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