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Node.js service to build bundles from amd projects in a git repository

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Node AMD builder

This project aims at providing a NodeJS service to build bundles out of AMD projects in a git repository. This was developed to help jQuery Mobile build the bundle builder. Initial checkout as well as workspace creation have to be done manually.


API v1


Fetch the latest version of the repo from the default remote.


Force checkout the ref into the {project}/{ref}/{repo} workspace if it exists.


Traces 1st level dependencies.

URL arguments are:

  • baseUrl: The baseUrl for module name to file resolution
  • names: An optional comma separated list of modules to include in the dependency map. If it's not specified, the service will compute the dependency map for all the .js files in the baseUrl directory.


name is the name of the file generated it defaults to repo.js

  1. name has extension .js (default) calls require.js to build the js bundle
  2. name has extension .css will resolve css dependencies through the //css: metadata and return a css bundle
  3. name has extension .zip will do all of the above in both optimize and non-optimized and return a zip file with 4 files in it

Builds a bundle for this repository's ref

URL arguments are:

  • baseUrl: The baseUrl for module name to file resolution
  • include: A comma separated list of modules to include in the bundle
  • exclude: A comma separated list of modules to exclude from the bundle
  • optimize: true or false

Setup an instance for your project

  1. Clone a bare repo of your project:
mkdir <basedir>/repos
cd <basedir>/repos
git clone --bare git://
  1. Now create the staging directory:
mkdir <basedir>/staging
  1. Install the dependencies with npm install

  2. Start the service:

node server.js -r <basedir>/repos -s <basedir>/staging
  1. Add a post_receive hook to the your GitHub repo pointing at http://instance:3000/post_receive


Copyright (c) 2012, Ghislain Seguin (MIT License)

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