Library for the server-side part of OAuth for web applications in Haskell.
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oauth-provider is a web-framework agnostic library for building server applications with OAuth authentication. Only the OAuth 1.0 standard is currently supported.


To use oauth-provider, pick an integration package from the list below depending on you web-framework of choice. Typical usage involves the following steps:

  • Build up an OAuthConfiguration value for either 1-, 2-, or 3-legged authentication.
    • This entails building up various monadic actions for looking up the token secrets, generating token/secret pairs, checking timestamp and nonce for uniqueness, etc...
  • Route requests for generating request tokens or access tokens to the provided functions:
    • The 1-legged flow uses neither request tokens nor access tokens for authentication, but only the consumer token.
    • twoLeggedRequestTokenRequest, twoLeggedAccessTokenRequest for 2-legged authentication
    • threeLeggedRequestTokenRequest, threeLeggedAccessTokenRequest for 3-legged authentication
  • Route all requests to "protected" resources via the authenticated function, which takes care of checking the request for valid authentication credentials.


oauth-provider is not tied to any specifc web-framework. It rather aims to provide the building blocks for building web-framework specific integration packages.

There are integrations packages (including examples) for the following 2 web-frameworks: