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@@ -25,11 +25,11 @@ Add the following lines to `./project/build.sbt`. See the section [Using Plugins
resolvers += "gseitz@github" at ""
- addSbtPlugin("com.github.gseitz" % "sbt-release" % "0.3")
+ addSbtPlugin("com.github.gseitz" % "sbt-release" % "0.4")
### Including sbt-release settings
-**Important:** The settings `releaseSettings` only need to be included in the **root project's** setting.
-Make sure they are not included in a settings value that is used for all sub-projects as well.
+**Important:** The settings `releaseSettings` need to be mixed into every sub-projects `settings`.
+This is usually achieved by extracting common settings into a `val standardSettings: Seq[Setting[_]]` which is then included in all sub-projects.
#### build.sbt (simple build definition)
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