Azure Function to schedule SQL Defragmentation
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Azure Function to schedule SQL Defragmentation

The function will run and execute a REBUILD and REORGANIZE for Database Indexs, with a given Threshold.

Add a database to process

Add a Connection String to the Application Settings where the name has the prefix "Defrag.".

Update the Threshold

Update the run.csx file to invoke the DefragService with threshold for reorganize and for rebuild.


    var defragService = new DefragService(log,
                5, //Reorganize Indexs with more than 5% of fragmentation
                10 //Rebuild Indexs with more than 10% of fragmentation

Update the schedule

Go to the function.json and update the cron expression of the schedule attribute. By default, the function is defined to run on Sundays at 00:00:00


The default timeout for functions on a Consumption plan is 5 minutes. The value can be increased to 10 minutes max.

If you have a big database, the function can stop running during the index maintenance and don't finish the job.