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This is a plugin for Akka.Monitoring that reports metrics into Datadog.

This is very much in an experimental/preview state right now, and does not currently do too much. I have some ideas for ways to improve things further, but if you're interested please let me know how you might want Akka.Monitoring metrics reported into Datadog!


You can check out the sample project to see a quick example of the monitor in action.

To register the monitor with your system:

var statsdConfig = new StatsdConfig
    StatsdServerName = ""
var registeredMonitor = ActorMonitoringExtension.RegisterMonitor(system, new ActorDatadogMonitor(statsdConfig));

You can then interact with Akka.Monitoring as you normally would, and metrics will flow through your Datadog agent. The main difference currently between this and the standard StatsD monitor is that this will attempt to parse the incoming metric names reported by Akka.Monitoring and split them up into better names and tags.

For example, if your actor system is named mysystem and your actor is named myactor, Akka.Monitoring will report a restart metric for it as Akka.Monitoring.Datadog will report the metric name as, and include the tags actorsystem:mysystem and actortype:myactor.

For some more examples on how the parsing is set up, you can refer to the parsing tests.