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  1. +8 −2 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Rendering.pod
10 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Rendering.pod
@@ -130,9 +130,15 @@ providing the 'wrap_field' method, are applied to each field when the form is bu
Each field has a default widget, but you can change that by setting 'widget' to a different
widget role:
- has_field 'foxy' => ( widget => 'MyWidget' );
+ has_field 'foxy' => ( widget => 'MyWidget', widget_wrapper => 'MyWrapper' );
-Default widget roles are found in the HTML::FormHandler::Widget directory.
+Often if you need custom rendering what you need to provide is a custom widget_wrapper.
+The 'widgets' render only the input elements, and that often doesn't need to be
+changed. If you have standard HTML that is used when rendering forms, making custom
+widget_wrappers is often the way to go.
+Default widget roles are found in the HTML::FormHandler::Widget directory, in the
+'Field', 'Form', and 'Wrapper subdirectories.
The name space used to look for the widget roles can be specified on a form or
field basis by setting 'widget_name_space' to an arrayref of name spaces:

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