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pod fix. #34

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just pod fix.

@bokutin bokutin pod fix. s/HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha/HTML::FormHandler::TraitF…

ack -l HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha | xargs perl -i'' -pe 's{HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha}{HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha}g'
@gshank gshank merged commit e5a1270 into gshank:master
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Commits on Aug 2, 2012
  1. @bokutin

    pod fix. s/HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha/HTML::FormHandler::TraitF…

    bokutin committed
    ack -l HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha | xargs perl -i'' -pe 's{HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha}{HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha}g'
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/
  2. +1 −1 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Fields.pod
4 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Field/
@@ -15,11 +15,11 @@ Requires that that three methods be available from a form object:
Using Catalyst and the Catalyst session plugin this field can be used
-in a form by using L<HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha>.
+in a form by using L<HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha>.
package MyApp::Form::Post;
use HTML::FormHandler::Moose;
- with 'HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha';
+ with 'HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha';
You can set the following attributes on the 'captcha' field:
2 lib/HTML/FormHandler/Manual/Fields.pod
@@ -552,7 +552,7 @@ L<HTML::FormHandler::Field::PrimaryKey>
=head3 Captcha
A Captcha field using GD::SecurityImage. Requires the use of the
-L<HTML::FormHandler::Form::Captcha> role, or similar code.
+L<HTML::FormHandler::TraitFor::Captcha> role, or similar code.
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