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email report for watched cases (cases tagged "watch")
PowerShell Shell
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Creates a watched cases report and sends it via email. Watched cases are those tagged "watch"

Blog post discussing this functionality in more detail


  1. Dovetail SDK
  2. Dovetail Bootstrap - used for generating recent case history information
  3. MailChimp - used for in-lining CSS. Sign up for a free account.
  4. Dovetail Agent 5


  1. Apply schemascript using Dovetail SchemaEditor
  2. Configure database settings in dovetail.config
  3. Configure logging settings in logging.config
  4. Configure settings in WatchedCasesReport.ps1
  • $smtpServer
  • $port
  • $smtpLogin
  • $smtpPassword
  • $from
  • $BASEURL - URL to Dovetail Bootstrap case histories api
  • $authToken - Dovetail Bootstrap auth token
  • $agent5Url - URL to Dovetail Agent 5 web application
  • $mailChimpApiKey - Mail Chimp api token
  1. Setup Windows scheduled task
  • Create a scheduled task to execute the RunReport.bat file
  • Suggested: Run report daily at 6:00 AM
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