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1. Create a new VS root suffix by running
devenv.exe /rootsuffix mspec
2. Open VS and load Machine.Specifications.sln
3. Navigate to the Machine.Specifications.ReSharperRunner.Debug.VS2010 project
4. Set this project as the startup project
5. Open the project's properties, under Debug, select:
Start external program: <VS install dir>\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe
Command line arguments: /rootsuffix mspec /ReSharper.Internal /ReSharper.Plugin "<MSpec solution dir>\Build\Debug\<MSpec runner>.dll"
To make debugging JetBrains' external task runner process (everything inside RecursiveMSpecTaskRunner) easier, check
ReSharper | Options | Tools/Unit Testing | Enable Debug (Internal)
in the debugged Visual Studio instance.
Visual Studio will choose the debugger based on the framework version the plugin is compiled against. This why we need
a debugger project for each version of Visual Studio ReSharper supports. To debug the plugin for
- ReSharper on VS 2010, use Machine.Specifications.ReSharperRunner.Debug.VS2010
- ReSharper on VS 2008, *transiently* switch the Machine.Specifications.ReSharperRunner.Debug.VS2010 to be compiled
against .NET 3.5 (or create a new debugger project for .NET Framework 3.5).