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require 'rubygems'
require 'server' # our rack-based application
require 'rack/test' # the rack test helpers
require 'rspec' # our testing framework
# We're going to describe a couple of specifications relating to the Server
# class relating to making a hello request.
describe Server, 'making a hello request' do
# Make the rack test helpers available within the specifications.
include Rack::Test::Methods
# First we need to tell rack what code to use to handle the request. Calling
# subject returns an instance of Server by convention in RSpec (based upon the
# top-level describe.
# We need to tell rack to use that in our tests by assigning it to the app
# method which is where rack looks for the application to use in testing.
let(:app) {subject}
# We're going to specify what should happen when we request that Server says
# hello to world.
describe 'saying hello to world' do
before do
# Mimic a GET request being made for the url /hello/world and store the
# response given by our instance of Server in the last_response variable.
get '/hello/world'
it 'should respond "Hello, world"' do
# Look at the body of the response given by Server and check it is Hello,
# world as we expect
last_response.body.should == 'Hello, world'
# Now we're going to specify what should happen when we request that Server
# says me, Garry.
# This follows the same pattern as the previous specification so I'll omit the
# verbose commenting.
describe 'saying hello to Garry' do
before do
get '/hello/Garry'
it 'should respond "Hello, Garry"' do
last_response.body.should == 'Hello, Garry'