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Welcome to the VoteSim wiki!

VoteSim is a tool for evaluating social choice techniques into intelligent environments by agent based social simulation.

VoteSim is a UbikSim library, see UbikSim



  1. Presentation
  2. Authors
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  5. Requisites
  6. License
  7. Downloading and using

#Presentation The use of social choice theory, i.e. voting methods, in Ambient Intelligence systems can improve significantly users’ satisfaction when accessing shared resources. VoteSim is a UbikSim library which allows developers: (1) to study the differences between this application case and the most prominent social choice application, political elections; (2) to propose and use different metrics to evaluate different voting systems in this scope; (3) to compare the performance of a number of well known electoral systems; (4) to create new ad-hoc voting algorithms; and, (5) to experiment with the use of machine learning techniques to combine voting methods with group pre-selection.

#Authors and contact

VoteSim has been developed by members of the research Group on Intelligent Systems [GSI], Grupo de Sistemas Inteligentes, acknowledged group by the Technical University of Madrid [UPM], Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

  • Mercedes Garijo
  • Carlos A. Iglesias
  • Pablo Moncada
  • Emilio Serrano
  • Contact



  • VoteSim GUI VoteSim GUI


JDK 6 (or superior) and Java 3D are required to use UbikSim.

VoteSim is a UbikSim library. UbikSim uses a number of third party libraries, but we have to thank specially the good work conducted by the authors of MASON and SweetHome 3D.


VoteSim is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

#Downloading and using

To work with VoteSim in gitHub:

  • Download VoteSim source and combine it with any UbikSim distribution. The Weka library is also required.
  • Alternatively, VoteSim sources can be combined with an example project ready to be loaded, compiled and executed with NetBeans or Eclipse.
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