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Real time code sharing web application
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Developed with ❤︎ by gsilvamartin and contributors

About RTCode

RTCode is a web application to share real time code with multiple connected users. RTCode takes the pain out of group development, avoiding problems like such as:

  • IDE Settings.
  • Environment Settings.
  • Diverging programming SDK Versions.
  • Code version divergence.
  • Difficulty in code collaboration between users.

Installation 🖥

  1. Clone the project and navigate to the project root folder;
  2. Install the necessary dependencies for the project execution by running npm install;
  3. Create a file named .env on root folder based on .env.example file;
  4. In your previously created .env file, enter your secret information;
  5. Start the application by running npm start;
  6. Open browser in http://localhost:5000/code/ and register;
  7. Log in to your previously created user;
  8. Create a new code clicking on your username;
  9. Enter the code that you created. http://localhost:5000/code/yournewcodename.

Features 💡

  • Code autocomplete
  • Program in several languages.
  • Great diversity of themes.
  • Share code in real time with your friends.

Programming Languages:

  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS

⌨️ Editor Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Indent all lines Ctrl + S or Ctrl + Alt + F
  • Code auto complete Ctrl + Space
  • File execute Ctrl + Enter

Built with 🔧

Contribution 🥰

The system is under development and has bugs and improvements to be implemented, so pull requests are welcome.

License: MIT

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