Records and reports on daily activities with a set of high-school classes
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school_record: record daily activity for a number of classes

school_record is an infant project to meet some of my needs as a high school teacher:

  • Record what I did with each class each day, including homework assigned and perhaps other useful specific (and reportable data).
  • Produce easily read reports of what I've typed in.
    • What happened today/this week/etc.?
    • When did I start and finish each topic?
    • What homework have I assigned?
  • Understand the school calendar:
    • Know what days I see each class and prompt me that some entries are yet to be recorded.
    • Know what days school is in session.
    • Understand the school calendar: semesters, terms, weeks, reporting periods.
  • Know about (via configuration) known obstacles to lessons, like exam blocks, staff days, excursions, etc.
    • Produce reports on lessons remaining for a given Year group this term, for instance, that takes known obstacles into account.
  • (Maybe) Record simple tasks like writing exams so that reminders are given whenever I run the program, I get a gentle reminder.
    • In fact, it could be aware of exam-writing timetables, and give reminders about specific milestones (Draft 1, Draft 2, etc.).
  • (Maybe) Provide basic calendar features for parent-teacher nights, exam blocks, etc.
  • (Probably) Record notes about specific students, e.g. good work, missing equipment, etc. These would be tied to a date, not a specific lesson.
    • Produce a list of all such notes grouped by student for a given class, making it easier to write reports.
  • Store data in plain text on Dropbox allowing easy and fast (i.e. incremental) synchronisation between computers.