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Whitestone: simple and succint unit testing
Whitestone is a unit-testing library, a derivative work of Suraj N. Karaputi's
"dfect" (, v2.1 (called "detest" as of v3.0).
Key features:
* terse assertion methods
* arbitrarily nested tests
* colorful and informative console output
* custom assertions
* an excellent test runner
Example of test code, demonstrating many assertions:
D "Person" do
# setup code run just once
D.<< { Person.initialize_tfn_lookup }
# setup code run for each test at this level
D.< { @p ="John", "Smith", 49) }
D "basic methods" do
Eq @p.first_name, "John"
Eq @p.last_name, "Smith"
Eq @p.age, 49
D "graceful error message if badly initialized" do
E(Person::Error) {, 2, 3) }
Mt Whitestone.exception.message, /invalid first name: 1/
D "equality" do
copy = @p.dup
T { copy == @p }
Eq copy, @p # equivalent to above line
D "interactions with system" do
D "tax file number is nil until set" do
N @p.tfn
F { @p.instance_variable_get :resolved_tfn }
T { @p.instance_variable_get :resolved_tfn }
Mt @p.tfn, /\d\d\d-\d\d\d-\d\d\d/
D "address lookup is cached" do
a1 = @p.address
a2 = @p.address
Id a1, a2 # identical
Ko a1, Address
end # "Person"
The assertion methods demonstrated were:
T -- assert true
F -- assert false
N -- assert object is nil
Eq -- assert two objects equal
Mt -- assert string matches regular expression
Id -- assert two objects are identical (same object)
E -- assert error is raised
Ko -- assert an object is kind_of a class/module
Other assertion methods:
Ft -- assert two floats are essentially equal
C -- assert object is thrown
All assertions can be negated by appending an exclamation mark.
See for full details (and screenshots).
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