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Enter a new name inside of InDesign to change the name of linked files
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Rename Selected Images

Sometimes you have placed images with weird names, e.g. directly from the camera.

wrong names

Select one or more of those images and run the script.

If the selection contains a graphic AND the graphic is linked AND the link has a 'normal' status THEN the script asks for a new name.

new name

Default for the prompt is the current name, thus if you cancel or just hit enter, nothing happens.

no change

The changes can not be undone by CMD-Z, because InDesign can only undo its own actions.


Basic Installation

  1. Open the Scripting Panel


  1. Right-click the entry "User" and select "Reveal in Finder".

reveal folder

  1. Place script in folder "Scripts Panel"

reveal folder

Startup Scripts

Some scripts are declared as "Startup Scripts". These are scripts that are automatically run, right after InDesign starts.

For those simply create a folder with the name "Startup Scripts" right beside the "Scripts Panel" folder and place the script inside.

Storing scripts somewhere else

The "Scripts Panel" folder is located in preferences folder of your current InDesign-Version.

I have installed several versions of InDesign (since the customer and his version is "always right" ;) ) but I want to have a single installation folder that is shared among the InDesign-versions.

It used to be that an alias was good enough for this purpose but that changed a few years ago. Now you need something that is called a symbolic link.

  1. Find the Terminal in Application:Utilities:
  2. Open the folder that contains the folder where you want to store your scripts
  3. Drag the folder-symbol in the window bar onto the Terminal

open folder in terminal

By dragging the folder onto the terminal that folder is automatically set as 'current folder' so you don’t have to bother about paths.

  1. Now type ln -s nameofsourcefolder nameofsymboliclink

In my example:

ln -s my\ real\ scripts\ folder/ my-scripts

symbolic link

  1. Drag the link (here: my-scripts) into your "Scripts Panel" folder

Folder Structure

Instead of simply putting all your scripts flat into the Scripts Panel you can create a folder structure.


The Scripts panel will show the same structure:


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