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Apache Whirr Change Log
Trunk (unreleased changes)
WHIRR-313. Add Hama as a Service. (Edward J. Yoon via tomwhite)
WHIRR-326. Use jclouds provider metadata to help with cloud
provider configuration (asavu)
WHIRR-76. Support spot instances in python scripts (Soren Macbeth via asavu)
WHIRR-260. Support Spot Instances (asavu)
WHIRR-28. Add examples module (asavu)
WHIRR-319. Run rat & checkstyle before packaging (tomwhite and asavu)
WHIRR-311. Allow services to register new CLI commands (asavu)
WHIRR-320. Convert site documentation to xdoc format (asavu)
WHIRR-323. Allow user to specify a blobstore container to be used
for caching local files (asavu)
WHIRR-327. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0.0 (Adrian Cole and asavu)
WHIRR-331. Add the ability to specify tarball URLs that are local
to the remote machine (asavu)
WHIRR-338. byon cluster with hostnames defined in /etc/hosts.
(Bruno Dumon via tomwhite)
WHIRR-345. Add Hama service information to the website
(Edward J. Yoon via asavu)
WHIRR-315. Temporary override Providers#withIds until jclouds
beta-10 is out (asavu and Adrian Cole)
WHIRR-249. Firewall authorization should be idempotent (asavu)
WHIRR-330. BYON doesn't work with HadoopConfigurationBuilder
(John Amos and asavu)
WHIRR-334. Support for CDH3u0 HBase (Geoff Black, Andrei Savu, Bruno Dumon)
Release 0.5.0 - 2011-05-16
WHIRR-245. Clearly demarcate the user and service provider APIs. There
are some incompatible API changes which affect clients and service writers:
* The client API has moved from the org.apache.whirr.service package to the
org.apache.whirr package.
* Service(Factory) has been renamed to ClusterController(Factory).
* org.apache.whirr.cluster.actions has been renamed to
WHIRR-261. Add ElasticSearch as a service (asavu)
WHIRR-222. Support multiple versions of Hadoop. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-237. Add Voldemort as a service. (Kirk True via asavu)
WHIRR-220. Support local tarball upload (asavu)
WHIRR-285. Add support for BYON. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-191. Start other services based on CDH, not just HDFS and MR.
WHIRR-262. Services should not have to do reverse DNS lookups. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-275. Improve firewall API for services. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-278. Refactor ClusterSpec and extract InstanceTemplate class. (asavu)
WHIRR-269. Improve error msg "Key pair is encrypted" (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-277. Support multiple versions of ZooKeeper (asavu)
WHIRR-282. Set number of Hadoop slots based on hardware (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-284. Runurl should only be installed when needed (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-283. Whirr in 5 minutes. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-279. Create ClusterSpec aware BlobStoreContext factory class (asavu)
WHIRR-280. Create a blob cache that could be used for storing local
files (asavu)
WHIRR-173. Add ClusterAction for generic script execution (asavu)
WHIRR-246. Single place to store/load cluster state (David Alves and asavu)
WHIRR-289. Display role names in list-cluster command (asavu)
WHIRR-287. Script for running YCSB on HBase (asavu)
WHIRR-291. Add "noop" role useful just for provisioning (asavu)
WHIRR-297. Separate ZooKeeper and ElasticSearch install and configuration
scripts into more generic functions (asavu)
WHIRR-288. Add blob store persistence for cluster state (asavu)
WHIRR-300. FAQ entry for noop role. (asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-216. Improve error message if whirr.instance-templates left out of
config. (asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-299. Recipe for BYON provider (asavu)
WHIRR-292. Separate Cassandra install and configuration scripts
into more generic functions (asavu)
WHIRR-296. Separate Voldemort install and configuration scripts into more
generic functions. (asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-61. Make more efficient use of ComputeServiceContext. (adriancole and
asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-304. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-9c. (adriancole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-236. Update Configuration Guides with Recipe Info. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-141. Create a logo. (Alison Wong via tomwhite)
WHIRR-310. Improve Configuration Guide. (asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-312. Destroy instance removes all entries from the instances file
except the one that is being terminated. (asavu
WHIRR-253. ZooKeeper service should only authorize ingress to ZooKeeper
instances (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-268. whirr hangs when the file '$HOME/.ssh/known_hosts' includes
an obsolete identifier for a certain ip address host.
(Hyunsik Choi via asavu)
WHIRR-271. Classpath needs to be quoted in whirr script. (asavu)
WHIRR-274. Add wagon-ssh-external as a maven build extension. (asavu)
WHIRR-172. Log warning for unrecognized service names. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-298. Use all cluster spec properties for hash and
equality (tomwhite and asavu)
WHIRR-314. HBase integration test can fail due to Thrift server race.
Release 0.4.0 - 2011-03-15
WHIRR-226. Add the ability to destroy a cluster instance (asavu)
WHIRR-225. Support locally-supplied scripts.
With this change the properties whirr.hadoop-install-runurl and
whirr.hadoop-configure-runurl are replaced by whirr.hadoop-install-function
and whirr.hadoop-configure-function. See recipes for details. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-198. Support user-defined images (Adrian Cole via asavu)
WHIRR-158. Allow users to log into clusters as themselves
(Adrian Cole and asavu)
WHIRR-139. upgrade to version 1 of the "enforcer" plugin (Jakob Homan
via asavu)
WHIRR-193. Recipe for a HBase Cluster. (asavu)
WHIRR-219. Support dynamic addition of services to CLI. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-195. Display available roles instead of service names
when running ./bin/whirr (asavu)
WHIRR-199. Add aliases for short role names like nn, jt, tt, dn, zk.
(asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-183. ZooKeeper Data Directory Cleanup. (asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-124. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-9 (Adrian Cole via larsgeorge)
WHIRR-124. Show warning messages before converting ec2->aws-ec2 and
cloudservers -> clouservers-us (Adrian Cole via asavu)
WHIRR-167. Improve bootstrapping and configuration to be able to
isolate and repair or evict failing nodes on EC2 (Tibor Kiss via asavu)
WHIRR-55. Users should be able to override an arbitrary Hadoop property
before launch. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-242. Update documentation for overriding locally supplied
scripts (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-248. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-9b (adriancole)
WHIRR-244. Add package-level javadoc. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-254. Document limitation that a role may only appear in
one instance template group (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-259. Disable configuration list handling for Hadoop
properties (asavu)
WHIRR-233. Change test properties to be less provider bound and
improve TemplateBuilder defaults (asavu)
WHIRR-265. Missing SVN EOL properties (Sebb via asavu)
WHIRR-170. Instances should be started in the order specified in
the template (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-186. [HBase] Add version support configurable in properties file.
WHIRR-201. [HBase] Integration test fails. (largsgeorge via tomwhite)
WHIRR-217. Log files should not be included in tarball or checked
by RAT (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-232. NPE for stopped instances on EC2. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-234. Resource functions/ not found when
running from the CLI (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-235. fix whirr.provider in recipes/* (Eugene Koontz via asavu)
WHIRR-207. Handle curl timeouts better (asavu)
WHIRR-241. Update to use CDH3B4. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-247. Add license headers to service install and configure
scripts (asavu)
WHIRR-251. Handle Apache cryptography requirements for release
(tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-250. Ensure all libraries in binary distribution have
associated licenses where stipulated (tomwhite via asavu)
WHIRR-263. Default tarball not found for Cassandra (broken link
in (asavu)
WHIRR-267. Update NOTICE and LICENSE files to mention 3rd party
products (tomwhite via asavu)
Release 0.3.0 - 2011-01-15
WHIRR-117. Composable services. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-176. Set AWS credentials in the local site file for Hadoop S3 access.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-25. Add HBase service. (Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-87. Parallelize Hadoop cluster creation. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-92. Add a benchmark for Hadoop clusters. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-153. Add documentation for WHIRR-87 (Parallelize Hadoop cluster
creation). (tomwhite)
WHIRR-115. Distribution should include documentation. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-154. Cassandra: expose JMX port. (Kelvin Kakugawa via tomwhite)
WHIRR-160. Improve SSH key diagnostics. (Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-150. Allow retrieval of instance roles. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-163. Support environment variable interpolation in configuration
properties. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-157. Remove service name property. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-166. Improve docs regarding private keys. (Stu Hood via tomwhite)
WHIRR-174. Fix ZooKeeper to allow stand-alone mode setups.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-145. Add Whirr recipes for common configurations. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-178. [Hadoop] Guard useradd against existing user account.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-187. [HBase] Change hbase.tmp.dir to be in line with Hadoop service.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-181. Add descriptions for CLI command options.
(Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-161. Check that both SSH keys belong to the same pair.
(Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-155. Support multiple versions of Cassandra.
(Stu Hood via johan)
WHIRR-190. Create /tmp in HDFS for Pig. (Andrei Savu and tomwhite via
WHIRR-202. Improve instance template syntax checking. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-205. Override service.provider for integration tests.
(Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-203. General documentation improvements for 0.3.0. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-206. [HBase] Extract strings to a HBaseServiceConstants interface.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-194. Update the list of supported services on the home page.
(asavu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-128. Fix DNS resolution for clients running within EC2.
(Tibor Kiss via tomwhite)
WHIRR-137. Allow use of an arbitrary AMI on EC2. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-146. Changing the value does not change the
heap size from a default one. (Tibor Kiss via tomwhite)
WHIRR-147. Regression on launching clusters from EC2. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-151. Credentials not set correctly for Hadoop service configure step.
WHIRR-159. Cassandra and ZooKeeper fail on Ubuntu on Rackspace. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-123. Cassandra integration tests hang if whirr's scripts bucket is
missing. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-156. Cli script doesn't launch post-modularization. (Andrei Savu and
tomwhite via tomwhite)
WHIRR-162. DnsUtilTest fails when offline or for slow connections.
(Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-175. ZooKeeper service does not honor instance roles.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-165. Hadoop integration tests fail due to WHIRR-160 changes.
WHIRR-180. throws a NullPointerException for
unrecognized service names. (Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-179. [Hadoop] Guard $MOUNT/tmp mkdir call against existing directory.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-185. [ZooKeeper] Fix selection of instances for getHosts() call.
(Lars George via tomwhite)
WHIRR-164. Tests fail if there is no ~/.ssh/id_rsa keypair.
(Andrei Savu via tomwhite)
WHIRR-200. Cassandra integration test hangs. (Stu Hood via tomwhite)
WHIRR-204. CDH Hadoop integration test fails on Rackspace. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-210. Remove unneeded dependent libraries. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-211. Fix checkstyle errors for 0.3.0. (tomwhite)
Release 0.2.0 - 2010-11-04
WHIRR-100. Create a binary distribution of Whirr. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-73. Add a list command to the CLI. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-89. Support maven 3 builds. (Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-90. Scripts should be versioned. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-66. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-7. (Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-103. Add more to .gitignore. (phunt via tomwhite)
WHIRR-105. Add version command to the CLI. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-109. Unit tests fail if there is no private key found at
~/.ssh/id_rsa. (Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-110. Create client-side Hadoop configuration file during cluster
launch. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-112. Expand documentation. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-52. Support all services on Rackspace Cloud Servers. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-93. Fail on checkstyle violation. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-97. Lucid is not stable on EC2. Default is now the Amazon Linux AMI
on EC2. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-102. unknown service NPEs cli, should print the bad service
to console (phunt)
WHIRR-104. print available services in cli help string (phunt)
WHIRR-108. Fix checkstyle and rat violations. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-101. Hadoop on EC2 does not use the /mnt partition. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-107. Test failing due to not matching Amazon Linux AMI on EC2.
WHIRR-106. Improve logging in whirr cli. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-113. Hadoop cluster instances should all start in the same location.
WHIRR-114. Support + character in version number. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-91. Add DISCLAIMER file to CLI JAR (phunt)
WHIRR-122. whirr site has two FAQ links
WHIRR-126. Deployment process does not deploy required test JARs
Release 0.1.0 - 2010-09-02
WHIRR-33. Add a CLI. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-54. Implement service/cdh. To run CDH rather than Apache Hadoop, set
the property whirr.hadoop-install-runurl to cloudera/cdh/install (tomwhite)
WHIRR-2. Import initial Java source code. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-20. Generate RAT report. (phunt via tomwhite)
WHIRR-32. Update POM to point to Apache RAT 0.8-SNAPSHOT.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via tomwhite)
WHIRR-21. Enforce source code style. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-34. Open up ports 50010 (JobTracker) and 50070 (NameNode) for the
Hadoop Service. (Jeff Hammerbacher via tomwhite)
WHIRR-26. Allow script locations to be overridden.
(Jeff Hammerbacher via tomwhite)
WHIRR-22. Separate unit and integration (system) tests. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-37. Don't require manual installation of Apache RAT to compile.
WHIRR-38. Add core javadoc. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-47. Create a Service factory. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-51. Allow the Hadoop service to be run on Rackspace Cloud servers.
WHIRR-53. Adopt the standard Java SPI interface. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-23. Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-6. (Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-64. Unify ClusterSpec and ServiceSpec. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-58. Introduce naming consistency for cloud service providers.
(Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-75. Use Commons Configuration to manage cluster specs. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-40. Fill in getting started documentation. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-77. Document and implement release process. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-70. decouple keypairs from the files that hold them.
(Adrian Cole via tomwhite)
WHIRR-80. Clean up POM dependencies. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-85. Publish Maven artifacts to
WHIRR-50. Cassandra POM should depend on top-level. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-48. Fix RAT warnings due to site files. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-65. Workaround bug 331 in jclouds (Some EC2ComputeService operations
fail for stopped instances). (tomwhite)
WHIRR-71. Only allow access to clusters from defined networks. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-79. Hadoop service is broken. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-82. Integration tests should not run on "mvn install". (tomwhite)
WHIRR-84. Log4j is missing from the CLI JAR. (tomwhite)
WHIRR-86. Update quick start documentation to work with release 0.1.0.
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