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//Binary tools
cp curr_power num7
cp curr_bit num0
blt bin_sub num0 dec_num
add dec_num dec_num two56
bin_sub cpfa curr_two two_powers curr_power
sub temp1 dec_num curr_two
blt bin_inc numneg1 temp1
bin_zero cpta num0 binary_num curr_bit
be bin_loop num0 num0
bin_inc cpta num1 binary_num curr_bit
sub dec_num dec_num curr_two
bin_loop sub curr_power curr_power num1
add curr_bit curr_bit num1
blt bin_sub numneg1 curr_power
ret bin_ret_addr
//cp curr_power num7
//cp curr_bit num0
cp dec_num num0
dec_mult cpfa temp1 binary_num curr_bit
cpfa temp2 two_powers curr_power
mult temp3 temp1 temp2
add dec_num dec_num temp3
dec_loop add curr_bit curr_bit num1
sub curr_power curr_power num1
blt dec_mult curr_bit num8
ret bin_ret_addr
curr_power .data 7
two_powers .data 1
.data 2
.data 4
.data 8
.data 16
.data 32
.data 64
.data 128
curr_two .data 0
curr_bit .data 0
binary_num .data 0
.data 0
.data 0
.data 0
.data 0
.data 0
.data 0
.data 0
dec_num .data 0
temp1 .data 0
temp2 .data 0
temp3 .data 0
two56 .data 256
bin_ret_addr .data 0
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