A collection of AS3 libraries and sketches that I have built over the years.
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A collection of AS3 libraries and sketches I have built over the years. At present, many of the folders are empty, as I am in the process of retesting and cleaning up the different items as I add them.

All class files are released under MIT. Other assets are copyright their respective copyright holders.

Here is a list of the libraries you will find here:

** _Sketches **
Smaller sketches that are incomplete or less significant, but still worth sharing.
	* CurvedLines: draws curves from a series of points
	* DragManager: simple drag management
	* FloatyPods: rectangular pods arrange themselves via repulsion
	* HeatMap: a simple heat map implementation
	* HexMap: the start of a hex map drawing / interaction model
	* PaintBlobs: draws splashes of paint
	* SimpleTagCloud: extremely simple/limited tag cloud
	* Swarming
	* VersionStringComparison: compares common version string formats

** CamTools **
A collection of tools for working with webcam input.

** Chunker **
Simple library for breaking intensive tasks up across frames to maintain UI responsiveness (simple green threads).

** CollisionDetection **
Pixel-perfect shape based collision detection.

** ColorMatrix **
Provides common color adjustment methods for use with ColorMatrixFilter. Uses the same math / values as the Flash Pro IDE's "Adjust Color" filter.

** FireFX **
Creates animated fire effects on any display object.

** FrameScriptManager **
Inject ActionScript into a movieclip timeline at a specific frame number or label. Great for separating code and design.

** Kaleidoscope **
Create a kaledoscope effect using any display object as the source.

** PerformanceSuite **
Create performance tests for actionscript and graphics, then log the results. Includes tools to integrate performance tests into unit tests for TDD.

** ProximityManager **
Grid based proximity system for tracking the distance between large numbers of similarly sized elements.

** Rndm **
Provides simple methods for working with random values, such as Rndm.float(min, max), and Rndm.sign(). Also includes a seeded random version.

** SharpenFilter **
Extends and abstracts ConvolutionFilter to provide an easy to use sharpen filter.

** TextFlow **
Enables multi-field text using TextFields for applications like multicolumn text and flowing text around an image. Multiple versions with different capabilities.

** Wander **
A feature rich class for implementing wander motion (heading + velocity), including simple flocking.