Python tools for GSLab
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GSLab Python Library Collection 4.1.3


This repository contains the following GSLab Python libraries:

  • gslab_make
  • gslab_fill
  • gslab_scons
  • gencat

Information about each of these packages is available in its internal documentation.



The preferred installation method is to use pip:

pip install git+ssh://


pip install git+

which are the SSH and HTTPS protocol versions.

The package at any tagged release, branch, or commit can be installed with the same commands, just changing master to the desirved target e.g.,

pip install git+ssh://<tagg, branch name, or commit hash>

Note that this installation procedure may require obtaining machine privileges through, say, a sudo command.

Alternatively, one may install the local version of gslab_python by running (from the root of the repository)

pip install .

We do not reccommend that these packages be installed by executing

python install

This method of installation uses egg files rather than Wheels, which can cause conflicts with previous versions of gslab_tools. If this method of installation is executed, some files need to be removed from the directory with a clean argument. clean removes /build,/dist, and GSLab_Tools.egg-info, which are built upon installation. This argument can be called by executing

python clean


We recommend that users use coverage to run this repository's unit tests. Upon installing coverage (this can be done with pip using the command pip install coverage), one may test gslab_python's contents and then produce a code coverage report the commands:

python test [--include=<paths>]

Here, the optional --include= argument specifies the files whose test results should be included in the coverage report produced by the command. It works as coverage's argument of the same name does. The command should be run without this option before committing to gslab_python.


See here.


Q: What if I want to install a different branch called dev of gslab_python rather than master? A: Either git checkout dev that branch of the repo before installing, or change @master to @dev in the pip install instruction.