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increase speaker volume

Mixer Volume could be increased to 3 and Speaker Boost to 6
but that gives distortions on full volume.
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1 parent 3a9be52 commit f3e002b0543919a9d99387d33c5f1589668a6c2f @jannau jannau committed
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4 tiny_hw.xml
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
<ctl name="SPKR DAC1 Switch" val="1" />
<ctl name="SPKL Boost SPKL Switch" val="1" />
<ctl name="SPKR Boost SPKR Switch" val="1" />
- <ctl name="Speaker Mixer Volume" val="1" />
- <ctl name="Speaker Boost Volume" val="4" />
+ <ctl name="Speaker Mixer Volume" val="2" />
+ <ctl name="Speaker Boost Volume" val="5" />
<!-- IN1LN/P (headset mic) -> IN1L PGA with +30dB -->
<ctl name="IN1L PGA IN1LP Switch" val="0" />

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