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Daisymaths Exercises Web Applications

This project comprises a number of web applications for presenting the
Daisymaths Exercises.  The webapps are:

    form - presents a problem in an HTML webform
    pdf  - generates PDF work and answer sheets for download
    gae  - a Google AppEngine version of the 'form' webapp

This project requires the Daisymaths Exercises library:

Requires Java 1.6.

Requires jQuery lib to be placed in web/core/javascript (see jQuery below).

The webapps are built using Apache Ant (tested with Ant 1.8.1).
Use 'ant -projecthelp' to see a list of available targets.

The main targets are:

    ant compile - builds the webapps and packages as war (if necessary)
    ant run     - runs the webapp locally (using Jetty or GAE dev_appserver)
    ant deploy  - deploys the webapp to a web container (currently GAE only)

Local build settings can be provided using a file in the base
directory.  You can copy conf/ and modify as
appropriate for your own usage.

At the moment DMEX webapps expects the DMEX library source to be located in
${dmex.dir} which defaults to "../dmex".  Use an alternate location by
setting "dmex.dir" in your file.  Furthermore, the DMEX
library needs to be configured for building (see ${dmex.dir}/README for

By default all webapps are built.  To only build specific webapps, set the
${app.includes} property in your file.

The webapps are built in build/<webapp_id> and the wars are created in the
dist/ directory (no war created for GAE webapp).

Jar dependencies
The jar dependencies for each webapp, plus run-time (packaged) and
compile-time (non-packaged) jars, are listed in lib/*/README.  You may either
copy the required jars to the corresponding lib/ directory or set the
corresponding classpath property in your file.

Compile-time (see lib/shared/README, build property "api.jars")


Run-time (see lib/runtime/README, build property "runtime.jars")


GAE-only (see lib/gae/README, build property "gae.jars")


Note: for the 'pdf' webapp, all jar dependencies are handled via the DMEX PDF
module using the ${dmex.dir}/src/pdf/build-module.xml '-installjars' target.

All versions of the webapp require the jQuery javascript library which is not
included in the project.  You should download the latest version from and place it in the web/core/javascript directory.

By default, the webapps expect the jQuery file to be called "jquery.js".  If
you do not rename the file, set the "jquery.lib" property in your file to match the name you are using.  Don't include the path
in "jquery.lib".

For example, if you install jquery-1.4.4.min.js in web/core/javascript, set
the property:

    jquery.lib = jquery-1.4.4.min.js

in your file.

If you wish to run the 'form' and 'pdf' webapps locally using 'ant run', you
need to either:

    - set the ${jetty.lib.dir} property to the location of a Jetty-6 install
    - copy the required Jetty jars to lib/jetty
    - or set the ${jetty.jars} property in

or any mixture of the three.  See lib/jetty/README for the list of jars.

Note that we also require the jetty-ant.jar which isn't part of the Jetty
install.  You can either:

    - copy jetty-ant.jar to ${jetty.lib.dir}/ext/
    - put jetty-ant.jar in the lib/jetty directory
    - or include the path to jetty-ant.jar in the ${jetty.jars} property

Google AppEngine
For GAE, you will need to set the ${appengine.sdk} property in your file to point to your local copy of the GAE SDK.

Note: DMEX makes use of XSLT.  The XSL Transformer provided by GAE does not
work with the DMEX stylesheets so we must include Xalan in the GAE war.

The build.xml file includes 'run' and 'deploy' targets.  These require the
${} property to be set to one of 'form', 'pdf' or 'gae' ('form' is the
default).  The 'run' target will run the webapp locally and the 'deploy'
target will attempt to deploy the webapp's war to a web container.

To specify the webapp to run/deploy, either set the ${} property in
your file or run Ant using:

    ant run

Deploy to Google AppEngine
Currently only the GAE webapp is able to be deployed using:

    ant deploy

The GAE deploy target will prompt you for the application id and version.  The
following properties can be set in your file to override the
defaults: - the default application id [daisymaths-exercises] - the possible version values [prod,test] - the default version [test]

Geoff Lewis <>


Daisymaths Exercises webapps







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