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Version 1.0.18 March 25 2012
* Fixed IPv6 in switch mode by turning off DecrementTTL by default.
* Allow a port number to be specified in BindToAddress, which also allows tinc
to listen on multiple ports.
* Add support for multicast communication with UML/QEMU/KVM.
Version 1.0.17 March 10 2012
* The DeviceType option can now be used to select dummy, raw socket, UML and
VDE devices without needing to recompile tinc.
* Allow multiple BindToAddress statements.
* Decrement TTL value of IPv4 and IPv6 packets.
* Add LocalDiscovery option allowing tinc to detect peers that are behind the
same NAT.
* Accept Subnets passed with the -o option when StrictSubnets = yes.
* Disabling old RSA keys when generating new ones now also works properly on
Version 1.0.16 July 23 2011
* Fixed a performance issue with TCP communication under Windows.
* Fixed code that, during network outages, would cause tinc to exit when it
thought two nodes with identical Names were on the VPN.
Version 1.0.15 June 24 2011
* Improved logging to file.
* Reduced amount of process wakeups on platforms which support pselect().
* Fixed ProcessPriority option under Windows.
Version 1.0.14 May 8 2011
* Fixed reading configuration files that do not end with a newline. Again.
* Allow arbitrary configuration options being specified on the command line.
* Allow all options in both tinc.conf and the local host config file.
* Configurable replay window, UDP send and receive buffers for performance tuning.
* Try harder to get UDP communication back after falling back to TCP.
* Initial support for attaching tinc to a VDE switch.
* DragonFly BSD support.
* Allow linking with OpenSSL 1.0.0.
Thanks to Brandon Black, Julien Muchembled, Michael Tokarev, Rumko and Timothy
Redaelli for their contributions to this version of tinc.
Version 1.0.13 Apr 11 2010
* Allow building tinc without LZO and/or Zlib.
* Clamp MSS of TCP packets in both directions.
* Experimental StrictSubnets, Forwarding and DirectOnly options,
giving more control over information and packets received from/sent to other
* Ensure tinc never sends symbolic names for ports over the wire.
Version 1.0.12 Feb 3 2010
* Really allow fast roaming of hosts to other nodes in a switched VPN.
* Fixes missing or incorrect environment variables when calling host-up/down
and subnet-up/down scripts in some cases.
* Allow port to be specified in Address statements.
* Clamp MSS of TCP packets to the discovered path MTU.
* Let two nodes behind NAT learn each others current UDP address and port via
a third node, potentially allowing direct communications in a similar way to
Version 1.0.11 Nov 1 2009
* Fixed potential crash when the HUP signal is sent.
* Fixes handling of weighted Subnets in switch and hub modes, preventing
unnecessary broadcasts.
* Works around a MinGW bug that caused packets to Windows nodes to always be
sent via TCP.
* Improvements to the PMTU discovery code, especially on Windows.
* Use UDP again in certain cases where 1.0.10 was too conservative and fell
back to TCP unnecessarily.
* Allow fast roaming of hosts to other nodes in a switched VPN.
Version 1.0.10 Oct 18 2009
* Fixed potential crashes during shutdown and (in rare conditions) when other
nodes disconnected from the VPN.
* Improved NAT handling: tinc now copes with mangled port numbers, and will
automatically fall back to TCP if direct UDP connection between nodes is not
possible. The TCPOnly option should not have to be used anymore.
* Allow configuration files with CRLF line endings to be read on UNIX.
* Disable old RSA keys when generating new ones, and raise the default size of
new RSA keys to 2048 bits.
* Many fixes in the path MTU discovery code, especially when Compression is
being used.
* Tinc can now drop privileges and/or chroot itself.
* The TunnelServer code now just ignores information from clients instead of
disconnecting them.
* Improved performance on Windows by using the new ProcessPriority option and
by making the handling of packets received from the TAP-Win32 adapter more
* Code cleanups: tinc now follows the C99 standard, copyright headers have
been updated to include patch authors, checkpoint tracing and localisation
features have been removed.
* Support for (jailbroken) iPhone and iPod Touch has been added.
Thanks to Florian Forster, Grzegorz Dymarek and especially Michael Tokarev for
their contributions to this version of tinc.
Version 1.0.9 Dec 26 2008
* Fixed tinc as a service under Windows 2003.
* Fixed reading configuration files that do not end with a newline.
* Fixed crashes in situations where hostnames could not be resolved or hosts
would disconnect at the same time as session keys were exchanged.
* Improved default settings of tun and tap devices on BSD platforms.
* Make IPv6 sockets bind only to IPv6 on Linux.
* Enable path MTU discovery by default.
* Fixed a memory leak that occured when connections were closed.
Thanks to Max Rijevski for his contributions to this version of tinc.
Version 1.0.8 May 16 2007
* Fixed some memory and resource leaks.
* Made network sockets non-blocking under Windows.
Thanks to Scott Lamb and "dnk" for their contributions to this version of tinc.
Version 1.0.7 Jan 5 2007
* Fixed a bug that caused slow network speeds on Windows.
* Fixed a bug that caused tinc unable to write packets to the tun device on
Version 1.0.6 Dec 18 2006
* More flexible detection of the LZO libraries when compiling.
* Fixed a bug where broadcasts in switch and hub modes sometimes would not
work anymore when part of the VPN had become disconnected from the rest.
version 1.0.5 Nov 14 2006
* Lots of small fixes.
* Broadcast packets no longer grow in size with each hop. This should
fix switch mode (again).
* Generic host-up and host-down scripts.
* Optionally dump graph in graphviz format to a file or a script.
* Support LZO 2.0 and later.
Thanks to Scott Lamb for his contributions to this version of tinc.
version 1.0.4 May 4 2005
* Fix switch and hub modes.
* Optionally start scripts when a Subnet becomes (un)reachable.
version 1.0.3 Nov 11 2004
* Show error message when failing to write a PID file.
* Ignore spaces at end of lines in config files.
* Fix handling of late packets.
* Unify BSD tun/tap device handling. This allows IPv6 on tun devices and
anything on tap devices as long as the underlying OS supports it.
* Handle IPv6 on Solaris tun devices.
* Allow tinc to work properly under Windows XP SP2.
* Allow VLAN tagged Ethernet frames in switch and hub mode.
* Experimental PMTUDiscovery, TunnelServer and BlockingTCP options.
version 1.0.2 Nov 8 2003
* Fix address and hostname resolving under Windows.
* Remove warnings about non-existing scripts and unsupported address families.
* Use the event logger under Windows.
* Fix quoting of filenames and command line arguments under Windows.
* Strict checks for length incoming network packets and return values of
cryptographic functions,
* Fix a bug in metadata handling that made the tinc daemon abort.
version 1.0.1 Aug 14 2003
* Allow empty lines in config files.
* Fix handling of spaces and backslashes in filenames under native Windows.
* Allow scripts to be executed under native Windows.
* Update documentation, make it less Linux specific.
version 1.0 Aug 4 2003
* Lots of small bugfixes and code cleanups.
* Throughput doubled and latency reduced.
* Added support for LZO compression.
* No need to set MAC address or disable ARP anymore.
* Added support for Windows 2000 and XP, both natively and in a Cygwin
version 1.0pre8 Sep 16 2002
* More fixes for subnets with prefixlength undivisible by 8.
* Added support for NetBSD and MacOS/X.
* Switched from undirected graphs to directed graphs to avoid certain race
conditions and improve scalability.
* Generalized broadcasting and forwarding of protocol messages.
* Cleanup of source code.
version 1.0pre7 Apr 7 2002
* Don't do blocking read()s when getting a signal.
* Remove RSA key checking code, since it sometimes thinks perfectly good RSA
keys are bad.
* Fix handling of subnets when prefixlength isn't divisible by 8.
version 1.0pre6 Mar 27 2002
* Improvement of redundant links:
* Non-blocking connects.
* Protocol broadcast messages can no longer go into an infinite loop.
* Graph algorithm updated to look harder for direct connections.
* Good support for routing IPv6 packets over the VPN. Works on Linux,
FreeBSD, possibly OpenBSD but not on Solaris.
* Support for tunnels over IPv6 networks. Works on all supported
operating systems.
* Optional compression of UDP connections using zlib.
* Optionally let UDP connections inherit TOS field of tunneled packets.
* Optionally start scripts when certain hosts become (un)reachable.
version 1.0pre5 Feb 9 2002
* Security enhancements:
* Added sequence number and optional message authentication code to
the packets.
* Configurable encryption cipher and digest algorithms.
* More robust handling of dis- and reconnects.
* Added a "switch" and a "hub" mode to allow bridging setups.
* Preliminary support for routing of IPv6 packets.
* Supports Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris.
It looks like this might be the last release before 1.0.
version 1.0pre4 Jan 17 2001
* Updated documentation; the documentation now reflects the
configuration as it is.
* Some internal changes to make tinc scale better for large
networks, such as using AVL trees instead of linked lists for the
connection list.
* RSA keys can be stored in separate files if needed. See the
documentation for more information.
* tinc has now been reported to run on Linux PowerPC and FreeBSD x86.
version 1.0pre3 Oct 31 2000
* The protocol has been redesigned, and although some details are
still under discussion, this is secure. Care has been taken to
resist most, if not all, attacks.
* Unfortunately this protocol is not compatible with earlier versions,
nor are earlier versions compatible with this version. Because the
older protocol has huge security flaws, we feel that not
implementing backwards compatibility is justified.
* Some data about the protocol:
* It uses public/private RSA keys for authentication (this is the
actual fix for the security hole).
* All cryptographic functions have been taken out of tinc, instead
it uses the OpenSSL library functions.
* Offers support for multiple subnets per tinc daemon.
* New is also the support for the universal tun/tap device. This
means better portability to FreeBSD and Solaris.
* tinc is tested to compile on Solaris, Linux x86, Linux alpha.
* tinc now uses the OpenSSL library for cryptographic operations.
More information on getting and installing OpenSSL is in the manual.
This also means that the GMP library is no longer required.
* Further, thanks to Enrique Zanardi, we have Spanish messages; Matias
Carrasco provided us with a Spanish translation of the manual.
What still needs to be done before 1.0:
* Documentation. Especially since the protocol has changed, and a lot
of configuration directives have been added.
version 1.0pre2 May 31 2000
* This version has been internationalized; and a Dutch translation has
been included.
* Two configuration variables have been added:
* VpnMask - the IP network mask for the entire VPN, not just our
subnet (as given by MyVirtualIP). The Redhat and Debian packages
use this variable in their system startup scripts, but it is
ignored by tinc.
* Hostnames - if set to `yes', look up the names of IP addresses
trying to connect to us. Default set to `no', to prevent lockups
during lookups.
* The system startup scripts for Debian and Redhat use
/etc/tinc/nets.boot to find out which networks need to be started
during system boot.
* Fixes to prevent denial of service attacks by sending random data
after connecting (and even when the connection has been established),
either random garbage or just nonsensical protocol fields.
* tinc will retry to connect upon startup, does not quit if it doesn't
work the first time.
* Hosts that are disconnected implicitly if we lose a connection get
deleted from the internal list, to prevent hogging eachother with
add and delete requests when the connection is restored.
What still needs to be done before 1.0:
* Documentation.
* Failover ConnectTo lines, try another one if the first doesn't work.
version 1.0pre1 May 12 2000
* New meta-protocol
* Various other bugfixes
* Documentation updates
version 0.3.3 Feb 9 2000
* Fixed bug that made tinc stop working with latest kernels (Guus
* Updated the manual
version 0.3.2 Nov 12 1999
* no more `Invalid filedescriptor' when working with multiple
* forward unknown packets to uplink
version 0.3.1 Oct 20 1999
* fixed a bug where tinc would exit without a trace
version 0.3 Aug 20 1999
* pings now work immediately
* all packet sizes get transmitted correctly
version 0.2.26 Aug 15 1999
* fixed some remaining bugs
* --sysconfdir works with configure
* last version before 0.3
version 0.2.25 Aug 8 1999
* improved stability, going towards 0.3 now.
version 0.2.24 Aug 7 1999
* added key aging, there's a new config variable, KeyExpire.
* updated man and info pages
version 0.2.23 Aug 5 1999
* all known bugs fixed, this is a candidate for 0.3
version 0.2.22 Apr 11 1999
* multiconnection thing is now working nearly perfect :)
version 0.2.21 Apr 10 1999
* You shouldn't notice a thing, but a lot has changed wrt key
management - except that it refuses to talk to versions < 0.2.20
version 0.2.20
version 0.2.19 Apr 3 1999
* don't install a
version 0.2.18 Apr 3 1999
* blowfish library dynamically loaded upon execution
* included Eric Young's IDEA library
version 0.2.17 Apr 1 1999
* tincd now re-executes itself in case of a segmentation fault.
version 0.2.16 Apr 1 1999
* wrote tincd.conf(5) man page, which still needs a lot of work.
* config file now accepts and tolerates spaces, and any integer base
for integer variables, and better error reporting. See
doc/tincd.conf.sample for an example.
version 0.2.15 Mar 29 1999
* fixed bugs
version 0.2.14 Feb 10 1999
* added --timeout flag and PingTimeout configuration
* did some first syslog cleanup work
version 0.2.13 Jan 23 1999
* bugfixes
version 0.2.12 Jan 23 1999
* fixed nauseating bug so that it would crash whenever a connection
got lost
version 0.2.11 Jan 22 1999
* framework for multiple connections has been done
* simple manpage for tincd
version 0.2.10 Jan 18 1999
* passphrase support added
version 0.2.9 Jan 13 1999
* bugs fixed.
version 0.2.8 Jan 11 1999
* a reworked protocol version
* a ping/pong system
* more reliable networking code
* automatic reconnection
* still does not work with more than one connection :)
* strips MAC addresses before sending, so there's less overhead, and
less redundancy
version 0.2.7 Jan 3 1999
* several updates to make extending more easy.
version 0.2.6 Dec 20 1998
* Point-to-Point connections have been established, including
blowfish encryption and a secret key-exchange.
version 0.2.5 Dec 16 1998
* Project renamed to tinc, in honour of TINC.
version 0.2.4 Dec 16 1998
* now it really does ;)
version 0.2.3 Nov 24 1998
* it sort of works now
version 0.2.2 Nov 20 1998
* uses GNU gmp.
version 0.2.1 Nov 14 1998
* Bare version.
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