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History and timeline of Email
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Email History and Timeline

This is a project to capture the history of inventions and developments that contributed to better email. The current version captures most of inventions that have contributed to email as a system.

This is the criteria to add an event or invention or software to the timeline.

  • Introduced something for the first time
  • became very popular

Building the project locally

npm run develop
  • open localhost:8000

Making of the project

The project is made on top of GatsbyJS. Why Gatsby?

If you look closely, this project has three parts. The main events(inventions), associated date, people and the reference links.

Once we have that information, add HTML/CSS styling and generate the page that displays to you.

GatsbyJS is perfect for such a scenario. data + html+ styling → generate the static HTML site.

The 'data' part of the history is in the src/data/email-history.hjson

HJSON is an enhanced version of JSON. Importantly, HJSON has multi-line string support. So picked HJSON as the data format.

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