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Welcome to Open Source world! Google Summer of Code(GSoC) is a program which provides university students with great opportunities to contribute to open source projects during summer break. See more details at Official Website.

欢迎来到开源世界!Google Summer of Code (简称 GSoC,中文翻译作 Google 编程之夏) 是大学生在暑假期间参加开源项目的一个非常好的机会。官网

You can participate in this activity as long as you are college students over 18(included) years of age. You can treat GSoC as summer internship. The cost performance ratio and value of GSoC is higher than general internship in companies.

只要是你 18 周岁以上的大学生,就可以参加这个活动,你完全可以把它当作你的暑期实习,并且性价比和含金量都比一般实习还高。

What's gsoc-cn for?

This organization is made up of previous GSoC students who would like to share their experience of applying and passing GSoC. If you find members here interned for the organization(s) you want to apply for this year, feel free to contact them on:

这个社区是由往年参加过 GSoC 的学生组成的,这里的每个人都愿意分享关于如何申请并通过 GSoC 的经验。如果你发现社区成员中有你想要申请的社区的往届 GSoC students,你可以在这些地方联系他们:

I believe everyone here is willing to tell you how to get a GSoC slot by writing a good proposal and how to negotiate with your community, but please be patient and polite when asking for help :)

我相信他们都会乐意与你分享如何写一份合格的 proposal,以及如何与社区交流来获得参与 GSoC 的机会,但是在寻求帮助的时候还请保持耐心和礼貌 :)

What kind of work you will be doing?

Briefly, you will have a unique opportunity to directly interact with awesome open source developers during the summer! All that will be given a generous remuneration by Google! Depending on the open source organisation you choose, you may develop an existing project or you can propose a new one. It all depends on you! :)

简而言之,你需要为一个开源社区工作,然后从 Google 手里得到奖金。你可以开发一个现存的项目,或自己新建一个,这取决于你。

How to apply GSoC?

Every February, the accepted organizations will be published on the Official Website. The application starts from March, and all that required from you is a proposal (about what you plan to do and what you can contribute) to the organization. Once your proposal is accepted by the organization you applied for, you are enrolled in GSoC! To increase the chance you get accepted, we suggest you start early and get familiar with the organizations you are interested in. This is not as hard as you may imagine. Full timeline.

每年二月,需要你参与的组织会公布在官网上,你可以在三月份正式开始申请,你需要做的只是发一份提议(关于你想做什么和对组织能做的贡献)。一旦你的提议被组织接受,你就可以参与 GSoC 了!我们建议你提早准备,申请比你想象的简单。GSoC 的时间规划请见此处。





为了让后来的参与者们能够更快地熟悉社区与流程,我们针对自己参加过的社区与项目进行了简单地介绍,请参见社区介绍。这其中包括但不限于社区介绍,历年项目介绍,针对 mentor 的介绍等。

Proposal 示例

There are some proposals: proposals

这里收集了一些往届的 GSoC student 的 proposal 可以参考借鉴:proposals


GSoC-CN 是一个由诸多感兴趣的同学一起维护的开源项目,我们非常欢迎新的贡献者! 这里有很多贡献的方式:

  • 向我们贡献你的经验与体会 ( #20 添加组织介绍以及 proposal )
  • 向周围同学安利 GSoC-CN,让更多的同学能够通过我们的项目对 GSoC 有更多的了解
  • 在我们的在线聊天频道上帮助我们解答同学们的问题,这些问题你也可能遇到过并且知道如何解决

GSoC-CN 不仅仅是一个有意参加 GSoC 但是不知道如何下手的学弟学妹们能得到帮助的地方,也是一个提供给曾经参加过 GSoC 的学生分享和保留自己对于开源软件的热情的地方,如果你有什么好的开源项目或者 idea 但是周围的老师同学没有人和你一起开发和维护,如果你想发起一场线下的 meet up,如果你从这个社区中收益并想要帮助更多不知道 GSoC 但是有能力完成项目的学生,请务必写个 issue 或者通过我们的 在线聊天频道告诉我们 :)

如果你想加入GSoC-CN,请参考 invitation 提交issue或是发邮件申请,我们欢迎所有志同道合的朋友加入到我们的组织中来!


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

本作品采用知识共享署名-非商业性使用-相同方式共享 3.0 未本地化版本许可协议进行许可。