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7guis-examples and nix trials
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This is based on 7guis-reflex which, in turn, is another reflex-dom implementation of the 7GUIs.

7GUIs demonstrates, how to implement

  • a counter
  • graph object(s) with undo and redo
  • "mini-excel"
  • etc.


Webkit2gtk implementation seems to be a bit fragile (e.g. try "Inspect element" or resizing the window, at least on Mint as of writing these notes).

Why to make it work for both ghc and ghcjs? Hopefully the working ghc would mean that ghcid can also be used, thus helping the workflow a lot. (And in this way there is no need for separate executables thus simplifying cabal a tiny bit. Nor there is a need for separate main-files.)

The cells-example ("mini-excel") has something waiting for a fix: the first keypress works differently than the following ones. (Timer: when it has reached the end, how to stop updating the DOM?)

Svg-elements and mouse-clicks are not working nicely together (the scroll-position seems to affect, can be seen with ghcjs and ghc). With wrapDomEvent it works ok.

Installation and building

First, get the repo with git clone and cd into the directory, and after that make sure that the reflex-platform is in place:

git submodule update --init --recursive

To build with GHC, use the nix-shell command to enter the sandbox shell and use cabal (which is supplied by the sandbox):

nix-shell -A shells.ghc
cabal new-build all

To build with GHCJS:

nix-shell -A shells.ghcjs
cabal --project-file=cabal-ghcjs.project --builddir=dist-ghcjs new-build all

For further information, see the following

Note that if you have already obtained repo but want to update the reflex-platform, you can try, e.g.,

git submodule foreach "(git checkout develop; git pull --recurse-submodules)&"

(Note that the above command gets the develop-branch of the platform.)

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