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IMPORTANT NOTE: This wiki refers to latest stables, if a beta version is available in github master branch please refer to Latest Version.

The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications a clean and concise API for manipulating command line arguments and related tasks.

A lot is supplied out of the box, but almost everything is customizable when necessary.

  • It allows you to display an help screen with an high degree of customization and a simple way to report syntax errors to the user.
  • Everything that is boring and repetitive to be programmed stands up on library shoulders, letting you concentrate yourself on core logic.

This library provides hassle free command line parsing with a constantly updated API since 2005. You can read these comments about latest stable on CodePlex to know what people say about the project.

At glance

  • Library available via NuGet:
  • Latest Stable: Install-Package CommandLineParser.
  • Latest Version: Install-Package CommandLineParser -Pre (owns its documentation).
  • One line parsing using default singleton: CommandLine.Parser.Default.ParseArguments(...).


The command line input, read from the standard entry point as string array, is then pushed in an instance of a custom type decorated with library attributes (see fake objects from test project as reference). You just create this class with one field for each option value you want to make persistent (and a special field for non-option values). Rules about command line options are engraved in your custom type from library attributes.

Consuming The Code

  • Source Inclusion. The project is entirely written in C# and is also thought to be included in another (C#) project.
  • DLL Referencing. Anyway you can reference the library as binary DLL file, consuming it from any .NET language.


  1. Remove from each application the code specific for command line parsing.
  2. Promote code reuse through a consistent, clear and easy to use API.
  3. The API is lightweight, has no external dependencies and is easy to integrate within an application.
  4. The project and its documentation are continuously updated and extended.
  5. It has been used for years in closed and open source projects.
  6. This project has also grown through the interaction of enthusiastic users and from constructive criticism.
  7. Comments and various types of communication are taken seriously by the author.
  8. Warp speed start with templates.

Maintained Fork(s)

  • During a temporary period the project has been halted and @cosmo0 maintained its fork. I've to thank him for keeping the project alive.
  • If someone else is maintaining another fork, please get in touch if interested in adding the link here.
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