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Gstack Documentation
<em>“Understanding is critical for a developer”</em> <span class="nowrap">– B. Gandon</span>

Welcome to Gstack!

Here at Gstack, we spend a great deal of effort in making sure that you'll feel comfortable in using our platform.

If you spot any mistakes, missing details, or have improvements to submit, don't hesitate to submit a PR on Github! Every page has a link to its Markdown source on Github, to ease your finding the relevant files to update.

For the newcomers

For experienced buddies

  • Continuous Integration – Who can claim developing real applications with no automated tests and no team? Even if developing alone, you definitely want a Continuous Integration to run you tests automatically.

  • Managing environments – Most real-world apps are not a matter of a single production hosting, but a real development pipeline: a CI instance for your automated tests, a Demo for your Product Manager, an I18n instance for your translators, a Pre-Prod to test deployments in real conditions. Here we'll tell you how to implement such a pipeline on top of Gstack.

  • Configuration Management – Once you have staging environments, they'll require dedicated configurations and you'll need to manage those configurations in a consistent way. This chapter will present you how you can solve this challenge.

  • Very specific database or service? Bring it on! – Gstack might not offer all the very specific services that you might want to plug into you application. Neo4j, edgy PostgreSQL version, Cassandra, name it. But Gstack gives you the opportunity to deploy them as a dedicated instance for your apps.

  • Non-HTTP(S) apps? Need a TCP port? Come here! – In the growing world of Internet-of-Things (IoT), your app might need to provide IoT devices with TCP services that are not based on HTTP. Let's dive into how to do that with Gstack.

Wanna contribute?

At Gstack, we are a band of buddies hosting our own apps. Thus, Gstack is an open, community-fueld platform. Anyone is welcome to contribute to it.

Details on how this will take place are in the process of being specified, though. For sure, contributions will take place on Github through pull requests, as it is the case for this documentation.