Python decorator function to track metadata on function calls
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Metadata for Functions

Python decorator function to track metadata on function calls


    def self_mult(n):
        return n*n

    print(self_mult(10)) # => 100
    print(self_mult.log_info()) # => {'time_started': 1422042033.971449, 'warnings': None, 'args': (10,), 'error_info': None, 'time_ended': 1422042034.171857, 'time_elapsed': 0.200408, 'return_value': 100, 'kwargs': None}

    print(self_mult(15)) # => 225
    print(self_mult.log_info()) # => {'time_started': 1422042034.172171, 'warnings': None, 'args': (15,), 'error_info': None, 'time_ended': 1422042034.373299, 'time_elapsed': 0.201128, 'return_value': 225, 'kwargs': None}

    print(self_mult("foo")) # => None
    print(self_mult.log_info()) # => {'time_started': 1422042034.373651, 'warnings': None, 'args': ('foo',), 'error_info': (<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>, TypeError("can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'str'",), <traceback object at 0x10fcea098>), 'time_ended': 1422042034.574758, 'time_elapsed': 0.201107, 'return_value': None, 'kwargs': None}


Decorate a function with @meta_func() passing the optional keyword argument ignore_errors = True/False. ignore_errors tells @meta_func whether or not to raise any exception your decorated function raises or to solely log to the error_info attribute.


Tested compatible with Py2.7 and Py3, but this code is provided as is with no warranty or guarantee, implied or explicit.

More Information

Please see my blog post here: