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A musical instrument tuner for Android
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A musical instrument tuner for Android.

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  • Provides tunings for various instruments and supports chromatic tuning.
  • Changes background color from red to green to indicate that the pitch is in tune (with a tolerance of 10 cents).
  • Displays deviations between -60 and 60 cents.
  • Supports scientific pitch notation and Solfège.


Run ./gradlew test to run all unit tests. In addition, there are UI tests based on image comparisons which can be run using ./gradlew connectedCheck. The reference images are generated using a Nexus 5X emulator (resolution: 1080 x 1920, 420 dpi) with API level 26.


The Tarsos DSP library ( is used for pitch detection.

Current library version: commit c26e500


Cythara is licensed under GPLv3. A copy of the license is included in LICENSE.txt.


In chronological order:

  • mtbu added the violin tuning
  • afmachado provided the translation to Brazilian Portuguese
  • tebriz159 created the logo
  • toXel provided the translation to German
  • TacoTheDank enabled the installation on external storage, upgraded the language level, and updated dependencies
  • thim added the cello tuning, fixed issues, and updated library versions
  • obibon provided the translation to Basque
  • Daveed9 added the viola tuning

Thank you all!


Listening to input

Providing feedback

Listing tunings

Listing frequencies

Listing notations

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